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Good work and welcome :)

Thank you, Jaheravy ;) I’m happy to be here!

Nice work! Good luck with sale :)

Thanks a lot, Skypix!

Thanks, tranmautritam. I like your single pages too )

Impressssssssive work, good luck with sales ;)

Thanks, man. You can tell me about good sales )))

WoW! I like it! Do you have this theme for wordpress?

Hello! We do not have a WordPress version at the moment. But we planning to make it soon.

Nice work! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Thank you, AirTheme. I wish you good sales too )

Thanks, AirTheme. I wish you good sales too!

Thank you, hmettali

Hi. LOVE this template!! http://2.envato-static.com/assets/smileys/grin-5f7c72bae94b93b2f4be36971faa186e.png Very easy to work with! I do have one question – How can I do a section with an image background and a form, similar to this :: http://www.zillow.com?


Thanks! That worked. Will You please tell me how do I make it responsive? Here’s what I got – www.loveliveandparty.com. It doesn’t look great on the pad and its terrible on the phone.

Also, my menu hides behind the form. How can I fix this?

1. Set ‘z-index’ property to 5 for #form-center element. 2. Remove ‘float:left’ inline styles from your input fields. 3. To center your #form-center element please use ‘left:50%; margin-left:-400px’; 4. Replace your ‘div’ tag with ‘span’ tag between ‘min_price’ and ‘max_price’; 5. You can use media queries to set width and left margin of your form on different screen resolutions.

Hi dxtemplates, can you please tell me how can I add the Facebook link button in the gallery in the index.html and gallery.html

It only shows the twitter option in my files.

Thank you

Hello, Diegoec! Just paste following code:

<a class="socialico-facebook" href="http://yoururl.com">facebook</a>
For more icons please follow next link:


For some reason the Facebook icon was not showing when I previewed the website in my computer, now that I Uploaded the files to my hosting provider , the icon shows.

Thanks anyways,

Can you help me to make the contact form to work please.

Please check your e-mail.

Awesome Site, excellent customer service.

Great theme but does the contact form work?

Hello, tgrino! You need working PHP on your hosting server with “mail” function enabled. There is a “contact-form.php” in your site root directory. You can open it in any text editor and change some of variables ($your_email, for example, in line 7)

I don’t see such file in the bundle??

Hello, tgrino! Sorry for long response! We had problems with comment notifications.

When you download your zip package, you can see “HTML” and “HTML2” folders in it. Each of this folders contains “contact-form.php” file.

Beautiful template Im looking at purchasing this template very soon for a site called Mehouse.com.au Real Estate , you have done a great job designing this theme.A++

Awesome, thanks!

How do I get rid of the ‘Choose Accent Color’ tab on the left?

Thanks for purchase!
Please open your “js/plugins.js” file and comment out the code from line 111 to line 134:
    //color swither
    var $colorSwitcherLink = jQuery('#color-switcher-link');
    function setColor(color) {
        $colorSwitcherLink.attr('href', 'css/' + color + '.css');
    if (jQuery.cookie('color')) {
       jQuery.cookie('color', jQuery.cookie('color'), { expires: 7 });
    var colorSwitcherHTML = '<div id="color-switcher"><div>';
            colorSwitcherHTML += '<a href="#" id="color-0"></a>';
            colorSwitcherHTML += '<a href="#" id="color-1"></a>';
            colorSwitcherHTML += '<a href="#" id="color-2"></a>';
            colorSwitcherHTML += '<a href="#" id="color-3"></a>';
            colorSwitcherHTML += '<a href="#" id="color-4"></a>';
            colorSwitcherHTML += '<a href="#" id="color-5"></a>';
            colorSwitcherHTML += '<a href="#" id="color-6"></a>';
        colorSwitcherHTML += '</div></div>';
    jQuery('#color-switcher').on('click', 'a', function(e){
        jQuery.cookie('color', jQuery(this).attr('id'), { expires: 7 });

That did not seem to work to remove the Accent Color tab. I added /* at the beginning of line 111 and */ at the end of line 134. Please advise.

Everything should work. Please try to clear your browser cache or view from another browser or another device. JS files are often cached by browsers.

How do I use the filters on the gallery page?

Sorry, but you still have an error in your “plugins.js”. You need to remove this code:
After that your gallery should start working.
Best regards!

OK. The filtering option now works. One last question. How are the heart ratings supposed to work on this template?

Great to hear it!
Some of front end elements in HTML templates requires server side coding. Such as blog and comment feed on blog post.
And this heart rating is one of those features.
By clicking on this heart you need to create an AJAX query to iterate likes count in gallery post in the database and create a cookie for user to prevent multiple “likes”.
If you do not want to create all of this functionality, you can simply remove this heart in your HTML code or via CSS:
Best regards!