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Assume i can use this in aweber?


Thanks for your interest in this template. While I’m not directly familiar with AWeber, if it supports importing the HTML and image files for the template then I don’t see there being a problem.


NICE theme :) AND thanks for use my photo “ocean colors” in your presentation :)

Thanks! I’m glad you like the theme.

I wasn’t aware I had used your photo specifically. I think that one was pulled from the lorempixel.com placeholder image service so I wasn’t aware of the author. It’s a great picture!

Would the HTML work with Infusionsoft in the same way as Aweber, it’s just an HTML template correct? But how do you build it on our end, Dreamweaver or similar?


Thanks for your interest in the template. I’ve not personally tried the template with Infusionsoft or Aweber, but if they allow the importing of html files for templates then there shouldn’t be a problem. The template files themselves where made in Coda, but Dreamweaver or any other html editor will work just fine for making changes to the template.

I have added a section via the Mailchimp interface and I can no longer edit any part of the template.

How can I resolve this please?


Thanks for the update. I don’t remember encountering this error when the template was launched, but I’ve been able to duplicate the problem and I’m working on a fix.

As a temporary solution you should be able to duplicate and edit the content blocks with MailChimps HTML editor. I apologize for any inconvenience, I’ll get this sorted out as soon as possible.

Thanks, I appreciate it. I look forward to getting the updated version.


I’ve fixed the issue with MailChimp and the repeatable content blocks. I uploaded the fixed files to TF a few minutes ago. It should be approved and ready for download later today or early tomorrow at the latest.

I appreciate your patience in this matter!

Hey there! Great templates!! Excited to use them.

Just a note might be worth updating the documentation regarding the following:

For the “working with the templates” section the documentation refers to a “custom build folder” & “mailchimp custom folder”, but the folder structure does not match with the download.

If I want to customize the template, I should work, as suggested in the doc, on the base blank and all blocks templates in an HTML editor, make whatever image changes, replace those files, and then zip that new set for uplaoding into mailchimp. That correct?



Hi Amadeo,

Thanks for the heads up on the documentation.

Yes, using the MailChimp base template and the MailChimp all blocks template in an HTML editor is the best way to go about heavy customizing. The MailChimp files includes many MC merge tags so some of your text and image editing can be done in the MC interface, should you choose to do so.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!