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Great Template

Many thanks :)

I’m seeing that light box doesn’t work for iPhone (e.g. When I click on an image at “Recent Projects” at home) , Is there a way to solve this? Thanks

It does for me?

Wow, really nice. Good luck ;)

ya realy great tempplate.

ya realy great tempplate.

great template. are also known as WordPress variant

Thanks everyone!

Hi, I have just purchased your theme and have tried to install it but keep getting the msg stylesheet.css is missing….any ideas?

I have tried different ways to upload it but nothing appears to be working.


Hi, it’s a html template not a Wordpress theme that’s why it won’t load.

Excellent work my friend!! Congratulations…;)

Thanks very much.

Hi, nice template! Is it possible to make the portfolio items go straight to a lightbox instead of having to choose between the two icons (magnifying glass and link)?

Thanks. If I may ask one more question… its it easy to swap out the color used throughout? I have a particular color for my branding.

Yes it is, you just need to edit the css for the colour, which are included in the main css file.

Has this template been tested on iPads and cell phones?

I’ve tested on an ipad and someone else from TF has tested on a mobile. :)

Hi, I have just purchased your theme.. Is this template able to be loaded in a Wordpress?

No, it’s a html template.

i bought, asnd i got this Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

I thought I replied, I can’t have pressed the reply button. I’m sorry but I cant help you in regards to Dreamweaver as I have never used it.

what do you use to edit bootstrap? is bootstrap only just for people who are profficient at html code or is there an application like dreamweaver that allows you to edit without knowing html code?

Well I hand code using a html editor. As I can’t answer your question you could ask in the ThemeForest forum.

Hi. How can I use czech symbols as á, é, ?, ?, š,...? It is a lovely template, thank you for creating this :)

You will have to download it from Google.. The link’s in the read me pdf.

Thank you for your really fast answer, appreciate it! I checked the used font at the “google webfonts” and it supports czech symbols. So right now I am kinda lost. I like the font, I just make sure it supports what I need and I would like to stick with this one. But I still don’t know what i need to download to make it run..

It may help if you read: it will show you how to add the font’s code.

WOW!!!! Beautiful work!

Excellent template, worth more than the price. Thanks.

Many thanks indeed :)

Any chance the author will make this into a Wordpress theme? ;)

Here’s hoping!

I would like to add a background image that does not repeat x or y to the page, however I would like it to be centered on the page. is there a way to do this?

Yes, exactly but centered and doesnt take up the whole screen. Thanks.

I’m pretty sure you can use something like Supersized and put it into a div with a set height.

ok, I’ll see what I can do, thanks.