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Thanks so much for this, its great.

I’m using the index version 2. how can i make the carousel slide faster? also there appears to be a delay on the first image – can i remove this? thank you!

I’m not sure sorry, maybe you can ask on the Bootstrap site. I tried adding – ‘interval:2000’ to the js but it didn’t make any difference.

on the gallery/portfolio I am trying to add a 3rd row of pictures for the 3 column version. I have just pasted the divs from the last 3 images below the last div but it does not show the last row like it should, it is hidden underneath the other content in the footer and it is lining up on the right.

Is there a way to add another row of images to these galleries or are they fixed.

Just to clarify one thing. When the page initially loads it does not add the new row of 3 images. But when I click on a category and then click on All it shows the new row that i added correctly. It just wont show the pictures correctly until i do that however on first load.

Hi, I’ve just tested this and it works fine. It’s only html so nothing will stop it loading. I would possibly suggest looking at any incorrect ‘div’s’.

Yeah, not sure what i did but i copied the code from one of the other templates and it is working now.

By the way, this is really a beautiful template. Thanks for all the work.

Hi there. This template looks great and I’d like to buy it. Wondering if it is compatible with Dreamweaver 8. Can’t afford to upgrade to CS6!

I’ve never used Dreamweaver, but you will need a html editor of some sort to edit it. You don’t need PS… :)

Thanks for the fast reply! Will purchase…

Id like to add a link to Span3 hover boxes on the index page. It has this Im not really experienced at writing javascript from scratch, how do I append an html link to this code?

The reason people buy templates is because they do not know how to code so I think that if you provide a template all the features should work. Telling people to go visit some site and figure it out on their own is most likely pretty impossible since if they knew javascript they would probably create their own from scratch. Furthermore, this is not simple html trying to figure out how to implement some complex javascript code from some unrelated site is also not really helpful. I realize if you dont want to spend time supporting something that someone only spent 14 dollars on but then you should at least support the features you added and they should all work properly at the very least and that doesnt include telling people to go to some other unrelated site to figure out on their own how to fix it. Sorry, I am upset but your reply was rather rude.

I’m sorry that you feel that I was being rude, it certainly wasn’t my intention! I misread your initial comments and thought that you wanted to create links from the Elastislde images! In regards to the hover boxes I have added :
<a href="javascript:{}"></a>
to the boxes simply so that if no link is added then the page wont jump back to the top. If you want to add a link then you simply add a link in place of this e.g
<a href="contact.html"> </a>
If you think that this is confusing I will update the theme so that it looks like:
<a href="#"></a>
However if the boxes are then clicked the page will jump back to the top.

I always try my best to help all purchasers as you can see if you look through my comments on any of my themes, and I hope that this misunderstanding will be accepted by you.

Yes, no problem. I can see that it was just a misunderstanding. Its all good. And thank you for the help.

Hi, one more question for you :)

In blog section, is there any easy way how to use more “portfolio_carousels” on one site (= more blog posts)? When I just copy it I can control only the first one..

Hello, Awesome template! :o) Quick question… I see you have the single video page. I see how you can embed a video on them.

Is there way to embed a video on the portfolio pages? Specifically, can you embed a video in the sorting gallery? If so, how?

Or can I only put a screenshot of the video in the gallery and embed the on the single video page? Let me know. Thanks! ~k

I haven’t tried it, it’s a good idea for me to add. I should think that it’s relatively straightforward by adding the embed code. If not you can create a screenshot and have PrettyPhoto open it. It shows you how in the link to PrettyPhoto in the read me file.

I’m trying to link the items underneath the carousel on the index page, I believe they’re called “info boxes”, but not sure how to do it. I tried adding the link address between the brackets in the javascipt code but that didn’t seem to do anything.

<!-info boxes-> UI / UX orem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.


Never mind. I figured out how to link by reading an early post. Sorry, should have read through the earlier posts first. And thanks for your template, I like it alot.


Great Template! I am almost done with my new website using your template, and from a non-coder, it has been fairly easy. Will have it up soon.

There is one thing that I have not been able to make work, is the contact form. Would you please point to where I can get help with it?


Never mind, I think I got it….

Jolly good! :)

hi! first of all, great template! )) my question is, how can I use it for WordPress? thank u

It’s a html theme not Wordpress.

oh God!! I was to much in hurry to buy it…

Can you tell me how to center my navigation bar?

You will have to change the columns to span12 then adjust the menu css accordingly.

Is there any way to make the slider change automatically?

Yes you can change the slider defaults in js > slicebox.js

So the new update, great to see the ongoing support. What files however would I need to upload but still keep my site intact yet keep it all up to date?


hi, I have updated Bootstrap and Font Awesome. You will need to replace these files then go through theme.css and look for any changes. There’s not a lot but I’ve added extra css for the icons and headings which you can find in general styling.

Hi, awesome theme. Just bought the WP version and I love it. Now to my question… If you can look at my page and the icons (globe, horn, flag etc.) I can not, whatever I do make it look like the demo. Beginner, but learning by error, this I have spent way to much time on :P Hope you can help. //from Sweden with <3

Hi, please ask this question on our WP page please, this is for html questions only. Thank you :)


My Twitter stream stopped working all of sudden. I’ve gone through everything I can think of with no luck. Any idea why?

Great! I did see that it was a little lower. Off the top of your head, do you know if I can change the text color, not the link color?

I don’t think you can at the moment, I tried to do it but couldn’t. It only gives an option of a light or dark theme. I will look into it further though.

No worries. I didn’t think you could. I looked around the developer section and couldn’t find anything. I was just seeing if you knew of a way.

Hi all, before posting a comment about Twitter not working please read the following:

Unfortunately Twitter has decided to not allow plugins anymore. I am working to create a new solution for you all. This will involve changing the code. If you are interested in reading more please visit:

Update Made – 13th June 2013
Please read the information on how to update your Twitter stream by reading the Twitter Read Me Pdf File, which is included in the new download.

I’ve downloaded the file and it will not install on wordpress missing the style.css file

This is a html theme and not Wordpress sorry.

Hello Jos…

This is the 3rd theme of yours I’ve bought and it’s just as clean and fast as the other 2 – Flati and I think the other is called Retro Responsive.

I am a developer of ASP.NET and Silverlight media applications for artists in the recording industry, and I use the Twitter API exclusively. Your themes utilize this API so they are able fit right in with whatever project I am working on.

Keep up the good work and I’ll keep an eye out for your future endeavors.


David Sukola

thank you:)