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I need Social connect template 1 in angular version.

Is there available angular version in Social connect template 1?


Hi Mosaic,I was in need of real estate angular version and then they suggested me of this complete package in $24 also I paid a $2 handling fee when I could have get in $17 for what I need(angular real estate).I got everything else but what I need .Please help me getting correct item.Thanks.

Hi, Nice theme!

I had a problem whit find out where to put the Google Map API Key to run map on the real estate part.

Best, Jesper

Hello please i cannot seem to make my table behave like that in the template. Talking of data table and how to limit the display number to 10 or the number the user chooses. when i display the table, it display all the data at a go and this makes my table very long. I have provided links to my js file and everything but still. Plus please can can i make the sliding banner on home page for social template work.

Following the instructions, I cannot install Gulp Workflow dependencies. I have tried following the instructions and get the following error: -bash: node_modules/.bin/npm-install-from: No such file or directory

This is the instruction that is not working. please help….

: Only if you are using Gulp (recommended): Install Gulp Workflow dependencies. This will install all the packages listed in lib/gulp/package.json into the current working directory:

node_modules/.bin/npm-install-from—path lib/gulp