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Hi Mosaic,I was in need of real estate angular version and then they suggested me of this complete package in $24 also I paid a $2 handling fee when I could have get in $17 for what I need(angular real estate).I got everything else but what I need .Please help me getting correct item.Thanks.

Hi, Nice theme!

I had a problem whit find out where to put the Google Map API Key to run map on the real estate part.

Best, Jesper

Hello please i cannot seem to make my table behave like that in the template. Talking of data table and how to limit the display number to 10 or the number the user chooses. when i display the table, it display all the data at a go and this makes my table very long. I have provided links to my js file and everything but still. Plus please can can i make the sliding banner on home page for social template work.

Following the instructions, I cannot install Gulp Workflow dependencies. I have tried following the instructions and get the following error: -bash: node_modules/.bin/npm-install-from: No such file or directory

This is the instruction that is not working. please help….

: Only if you are using Gulp (recommended): Install Gulp Workflow dependencies. This will install all the packages listed in lib/gulp/package.json into the current working directory:

node_modules/.bin/npm-install-from—path lib/gulp

Hi MosaicPro, I just buy your kit and when I try to compile (with gulp) the final output javascript return always an error with “define is not defined” I suppose the problem is linked to bower update version (by example jquery version is resolved with v3.1.1 but on your original dist folder 2.1.3) do you have a solution for it ?

I buyed this theme where is angular estate?

OMG!!!! this seller never answered. this item was finished already! what the angular? this package never has angular js

how can I get back my money?

nice template

When I try to print any page. Only the first page print. The 2nd page does not even render on the print preview. Please advise.

I’m a “beginner” but i like to design using html and css, when I have a mockup then I give it to my programmer and he makes everything works. I’ve tried many times with less but I simply don’t understand. The Color switcher says that the necesary tools are included to generate your own theme. I’m looking just for something yellow/orange is the documentation friendly for me to do that?


Vasere Purchased

Hallo, How can I make the dropdown to dropup ?

I also need a fully dark theme…you have it?

Doe your template also offer to open a popup window on click – which will contain an IFRAME?

I just downloaded and unzipped this theme. There is no documentation. Most of the pages described in the listing for the theme aren’t there. I’m afraid that this is a rip off in every way. How do I get my money back for this unusable product?

Hi Larry,

Would you mind letting us know the files and folders you see after you unzip the downloaded package? Everything from the online demo should be included.

Thank you

My apologies. After digging through the countless undocumented files with no explanation of the file structure whatsoever, I did find the themes buried in an out-of-the-way folder. I first looked at the docs folder which told me how to install npm, gulp, and bower which are better explained on the respective web sites for the software involved; nothing about the themes or how to use them, let alone where they’re located. Don’t know why I need npm, gulp, bower for this thing — although I do have them installed already and use them on other web sites that I develop — since there is no explanation of the files and what to do with them. Have to guess that they’re just leftover notes to yourself.

Am I to assume that everything in .dist, choose, lib and src is just trash left over from your development work and to be deleted. Without any explanation, these files serve no purpose. If I wanted to build a theme using them, there’s no explanation on how to do that. I have to assume that they’re just trash.

Actually, they are explained in the documentation.

The dist/ folder includes the pre-built themes, src/ includes the sources, lib/ includes proprietary code not distributed with git/npm/bower, but you should take a look at the documentation (open docs/index.html) and see the Code > Structure section.

If you still think you can’t manage to work with what’s included, let us know and we’ll refund your purchase with pleasure.

This looks really proper and the numbers cant lie right? How can i see what this thing can do though?coz the live preview isnt working

Great theme! I’m about to purchase it but the live demo is not working and my frontender wants to see it first? I know the theme but he does not, could you please let us know once the live demo is online again? thank you!