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Vasere Purchased

How to set submenu in the Navbar menu?

there is no angular version for the real state, that’s the only thing i bought this for is this a mistake? or should i have bought the single version of real-state can you let me know?


Yes, only the single version includes AngularJS. However, please note that it’s not a full AngularJS application, but only a starting point, a starter boilerplate which includes the basic setup, routing, a main controller and the separated views and most of the directives are simple bindings to jQuery so make sure this is not an issue and it fits your requirements.

Thank you

Thanks for the answer but I bought the angularjs version of the code from the other link and asked to refund this one, yeah its not the best angularjs implementation and as you say its more jquery adaptation to angularjs but at least the designs of this real-state is quite awesome and worth the money.

pleas, i would like to know if these themes are useable on a wordpress platform? before i purchase. thanks for your quick response.

Hi pick2,

This is a static HTML template and not an installable Wordpress theme.


The chat of this website has some bug.

On this url:-

The chat boxes will open only a maximum of 2 boxes and if you click on any name afterwords the names on chat will keep changing.

Has anyone got this bug fixed? Our website was about to go live and we found this bug. Can you please help?

Hi robinspaul,

We decided to limit the chat windows to 2 and new chat windows if more than 2 are open will open on the last window opened.

It’s a subjective decision… as there are tons of ways to go around that :)


Hi, If you open the 3rd or 4th chat window on the already existing second chat box, that will confuse people. The chat messages will be confused.

Can you please tell me a how I can STOP opening the new chat window on the existing last chat window?

Can you please tell me how I can increase the number of chat boxes to 5?

Can you also please tell me why it requires 2 clicks to open the first chat box? I prefer to open the chat window on a single click. Thanks,


Why the output maps.js have the physical path of the javascript files like below?


The code is so confusing. Its really hard to seperate the maps code and integrate into existing application. The code is well written but the output files are much more complex to read.

AUTHOR: Will you at least tell, how to build the html with Separated libraries? gulp—theme $THEME_NAME build:dm still concatenates the maps related javascripts <script src=”js/app/maps.js”></script> and couple other libraries as well. Also how to avoid the physical path presence in the output files? ./main”. I clearly don’t want to expose my local physical path to be visible in a production code.

”./main \Code\html/themes\themekit\src\js\themes\real-estate\main.js”,?????????


EvilBen Purchased

Hey .. Is it possible to fill the Charts in the Admin Template, with data from an Database ? If so, how ?

Thank’s a lot!


saladax Purchased

Hello please I just purchased this them and i could not download, i have been told in my downloads page that i have reached my daily limit. and that i should wait till 24 hours. i do not have that time to wait. When my downloads finished i only saw a download.html file in my downloads i could not even get 1 themekit files. so what does it mean that i have download 20 already please send me the files to download immediatley.


Unfortunately we can’t help with this issue. You can either wait for 24h and then try to download again or if you think it’s a mistake you can contact envato support and they will help you.

Thank you for your understanding.

has any one integrated it with yii2 framwork, especially the real estate template?

I am getting the same error. using 4.0.0. help.

I’m interested in the social network part, but i don’t see the ‘activity(feeds)’ part where the posting of comments actually takes place. Is it not available in this template?

How can I use bootstrap alerts in this theme?

Pls Help.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in D:\Hosting\9281786\html\\pro\wp-content\plugins\themekit\includes\options-plus\loader.php on line 6

Sorry, I don’t think that error has anything to do with the HTML template.

Hi dear I have problem in Building the themes, I have followed the Documentation steps as following

- cd /path/to/package/root

-npm install -npm install -g gulp

-node_modules/.bin/npm-install-from—path lib/gulp

-npm install -g bower

-bower install

-copy lib/gulp/Gulpfile.js then change it contents to

var requireDir = require(‘require-dir’);

requireDir(’./lib/gulp/tasks’, {recurse: true});

,but when execute command

==================== gulp—theme music build:d—dist build

I get error Error: Cannot find module ‘module-deps’ at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:325:15)

In social how can I add a search suggestion drop down while i type in search input ?


Pre-sales questions:

1) Do I get wordpress theme when I buy your product, or how can I implement this in some wordpress theme?

2) Could you please give me your documentation so I can take a closer look? I am not sure how it works.

Best Regards

Is this page broken? Carousel not working, would love to see a working sample

how can I add share, like option of post in social ?


pedja1 Purchased

Hi, i have a problem. When i execute ‘gulp—theme social-1 build:d’ i get the following error: ‘[17:33:35] ‘bootstrap/less/responsive-utilities.less’ wasn’t found.’


4j1th Purchased

how can I hide the sidebar bar manually


depsimon Purchased

There is an issue with bower component “gmaps-infobox” which is no longer hosted on svn apparently.