Discussion on Theme-Org - Responsive Multi-Purpose Joomla Theme

Discussion on Theme-Org - Responsive Multi-Purpose Joomla Theme

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Can I request that Supratech package the theme-org quickstart package with the latest Joomla 3.8.. and update this on Envato.

The current theme-org quickstart package is 3.3.. The package upgrades fine to 3.6.* but breaks when upgrading to 3.8.0 or 3.8.1.

The quickstart package is being distributed on a fairly old version of Joomla and it will save new theme-org buyers alot of headaches if distributed on the latest joomla framework.


HI. I want to add this template to another domain . but i want to copy all my created pages to another domain . Please advice.

PHP 7???

can i make new pages from page builder?

how can i make new pages with drag and drop features without pagebuilder.


In this template there is no drag and drop option. but you can use third party extension like sp page builder.


how Can i add Iframe to this template?

Hi. Is the template working fine with Joomla 3.6.5? Can I Upgrade?

we will test with it and upload upgraded version also will notify you about it. thanks

Hello, I’ve a joomla installation 3.6 with helix 2.1.8 and the template last version. When I try to upgrade some extension (i.e. jce) I found a lot of menu items missing. I read in the comments some similar problems and you suggested upgrading the helix framework: Does the template work with helix 3 and how can be done the upgrade. Thanx in advance for your reply

Hi, will it work on Joomla 3.5?


When I use Centos web panel I have problems with installation… Error 500?!?

thank you in advance!

BR Venty

your support is expired. please renew it for get a support. thanks

my support was not expired, as you asked the question?!? And just cos I’m marked with an inscription expired maintenance, will you and others who are such ??

and individually I sent you and email the problem?!?


The menu, in mobile view, doesn’t display correctly the menu is under the slider.

look: http://www.zeclalievre.com/

i tried to put this code at the botton of preset.less like explained in comment section on themeforest but its not working.

.sp-mobile-menu{ z-index:999 !important; position:absolute !important; top:65px !important; }

Please help me thanks


sending you mail regarding that. please check

Don’t you guys update your theme regularly for extra features and bug fixes. More than 1 year and not a single update….

thanks for suggestions we will update this theme as soon as possible.


which is the minimum version PHP, which can stably operate this template …?!?

Hello, Please explain more about what you want exact on supratech2015@gmail.com Thank you

hello can you give us link for quickpackage joomla 2,5 please another system for me not ok

Sorry but this is updated version now so it’s not possible.
Thank you

Hi, Everything worked before. Now there is an error when launching the website: Fatal error: Can not use object of the type stdClass as array in /www/templates/shaper_maxima/shortcodes/social_counter.php on line 58

I do not anderstand, i purchased this theme yesterday, i tried to install in on a joomla 3.4.5 version = white page after turn it default template, the tried on 3.3.1, 3.2.1 and 3.1.5 but in evry one always a white page…. (rockXXX plugins included in package can’t be installed in a 3.4.5 version for information) then why can’t use it ???

the quickstart trun well on a 3.3.6 version but the template backend manager page is not the same as the only template manager page.. how just use the template… ?

OK that require to have Helix 2 installed, because in only joomla install the template di not install helix 2, i need to found it (because now helix3 available) and install for the template run… ouufff

HI, I did a clean install of the topic, but now my screen appear only link from the menu on – down fields images of the subject, but not the images themselves and choose my link opens a strange connection type http: //www.ilogistics .eu / www.ilogistics.eu / www.ilogistics.eu / index.php / 2013-01-31-07-00-31 / map as load gives me an error message 404 … What to do? Venty


http: //www.ilogistics .eu / www.ilogistics.eu / www.ilogistics.eu / index.php / 2013-01-31-07-00-31 / map ?


maybe longer bother, but when the file configuration.php this line looks like public $ live_site = ‘www.ilogistics.eu’; My addresses are of this type:

http: //www.ilogistics .eu / www.ilogistics.eu / www.ilogistics.eu / index.php / 2013-01-31-07-00-31 / map?

when in the same file add http: // before the website address and the thing becomes public $ live_site = ‘http://www.ilogistics.eu'; then addresses are normal and site work …?!?

Please anyone know why it happens, the only change, which I know is the activation of mod_rewrite server ???

Thank you in advance!

I have problem. Template homepage very slow opening,but other sub-pages normal,Why homapage very slow opening??? What should I do??

Please send your url we will check it.
Thank you

Because of twitter It will takes several time for loading. but that was not issue. or if you want more fast then hide twitter.
Thank you


revolution_slider2.1.7 not support youtube now. I get this url after Enter Youtube ID: https://youtube.com/devicesupport

How to fix ?


Hello, Trying to update the slider (Unite Revolyion Slider) but the link in the component menu does not exist… Any idea on how to fix this? Thanks

Just reinstalled it and it works… thanks :)

Hello, Inserting an iFrame is not working. Can you please help? Thanks

Please explain more with some screen pic and send on mail we will check
Thank you

Hello, Thanks for the feedback. Just solved it.

Hello guys! Just updated (in a test environment) ThemeOrg with latest Joomla, latest Helix and latest plugins… But the Mosaic got the usual bad style. Previously I was updating the mosaic /themes/default/item.php file, but this time I get a blank page (just the tags, no pictures ) and if i click a tag i got an error: TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating ‘moofx(elements).style’)

Could you check please? (install the theme and update it to latest joomla and latest plugins)


ok, solved! it was a privileges issue under osx!


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