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Can this theme be edited within facebook or must it be edited outside of facebook?

Can you please get back to me? I would like to know how to respond to this: Page Tab Edit URL: _

Hi ginavb, just add the same url as the site url

I’ve just written to you bilbo_b. My site is having issues. It doesn’t seem to be displaying the teaser images or post links. It works on my first post ever, but the other posts are not showing up in the same way.

Thanks in advance for getting back to me. I have sent you and email through your themeforest author page.

(personal website)

Hi eshgwordpress, i have send you e-mail

Bilbo_b… Sent you the requested info, still not working? Sending you another email through your author page.

Hi eshgwordpress, please check your e-mail

Hello! Please tell me how to autoplay the homeslider. Thanks.

support plz?

hi. this template works without facebook ?

Hi can I see anywhere the facebook version? the link doesn’t work

It’s fixed

Hey guys,

Is this plugin still supported?

Can we drop this into a website of is it a facebook plugin only?

Many thanks, Ian

Hi Ian, This is HTML website (not plugin) which has stand alone html version. You can use it like normal website but you can’t install it in WP. Best regards

you cheated me, it is not the Item I need, you show something and selling something else. I will judge you :@ , it is not the first time.

I tried to purchase time travel and redirected to this one by the site.. I want to get back my money from the site pls

From where did you get redirected? From the demo page or from some of envato purchase pages? Can you please request reffund

From the demo .. where I though this rediected page for the same template demo.. how can I ask for refund

Hello, I couldn’t install it on my facebook. Does not work. Could you help me please? Thank you.

Have u updated the responsive upgrade to html yet?


Diinz Purchased

Why do you present a popup timetravel theme link on that page? that is what I am talking about- Why do I have to login to facebook to see a preview? the links dark and light versions are going to facebook? and you have to log in to facebook to see them?

It’s a simple popup product advertisement like any other site with advertisement banners and popups. Pretty standard product promotion. About why you have to login to facebook to see “facebook tab”(this template is intended for FB page tab and it’s stated in the description that’s why the preview is on FB) you can ask facebook. It’s pretty normal to ask from you to login first in order to use their network.


Diinz Purchased

It is still not right. .You advertise your wordpress template and HTML templates differently. So When I click to preview your HTML template do you have to place your wordpress template in the foreground and what I want to view, masked in the background? what are you trying to achieve? nothing but deception. I am not the only person that this your promotion style has caused a deception. If I need wordpress template I search for wordpress and if I need HTML I search for HTML you do not have to place your wordpress template in a link for your HTML template.

I bought your template yesterday and basically it can’t work as files are missing one being css so what can you do for me as I’m supposed to start a project soon?

i want to grab this but all i need is FB + URL hosted_+anything else?