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That’s really nice – couple of things though…

The tabs on the right hand side of the pages, design wise, don’t really sit with the rest of the website. They look tiny and small, whereas the design is big and bold!

Also the fully working PHP contact form isn’t working on the demo ;)


Thanks for your comment,

We’ve uploaded the wrong zip file .

Now is working .

Regards, Vidich Team

thanks, glad you like it!

Hello Vidich.,

I want buy this theme, but i want change the Jquerry to appear in only one image at a time. Is it possible? How is it done?

If i buy, can you help with this? Thanks.

hello andre, yes, that’s possible changing the css of the jquery carrousel. Contact us by mail so we can help you to do that.


Hi vidich i send you an email

about the size of the logo you can disregard this question! I solved the problem with CSS !

i need changing css of jquerry only! tkss

i have just answer your questions


Vidich Team

Hi, can i modify the navigation. Is it Jquery ?

Yes, you can modify, the only thing that works with jquery is the background that appear in each menu and move to the one that the mouse is over.

Regards, Vidich Team

Question. When I reduce the number of menu items they stay left justified. Is there anyway to have them be right justified.

Best A

maybe you can change the margin property on line 50 of the file lavalamp.css

“margin: auto 20px;”

play with the 20px so you can center all the menus one with the other and the menu with de background.

If this is not what you ask me, please let me know!

Hello. First I would like to say, I love this template! Great work!

I’m having a few issues with the jquery carousel, though. It skips through the 3rd image and scrolls directly to images 4 & 5. I noticed it does this on your preview also. I would like it to scroll through just one image at a time.

I’ve looked through both the css and .js files and modified what I thought would make these changes, but no luck.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


add this line where you iniciated the jquery (line 69)

scroll: 1,

change the 1 if you want to scroll 2 images, or 3, or 4.


This template uses an outdated version of jQuery (1.2.6). After upgrading to 1.3.2, jCarousel continues to work but lavaLamp breaks. This is even after upgrading lavaLamp to version 1.3.3 (1.3.2 compatible). Do you have any plans to bring the code up to date? I’d like to use jQuery 1.3.2 with this template in order to include additional scripts, but I am limited at the moment.


For the moment we are not going to upgrade the jquerys, but when we can we will do it and we are going to advise you.



Your live preview doesnt work. Can you please fix this as I am interested in purchasing this theme.




I purchased this a few days ago and overall am very happy with it. I am, however, having a lot of trouble loading my images into galleries. I resized them all to roughly 500KB to see if this would help at all and still it is very slow and some still refuse to load. Everytime I try to upload a batch of images 3-5 ‘time-out’ and don’t load or the ones that in the set-up look like a successful load do not open in the live site galleries.

Any suggestions?