Discussion on Ubold - Admin & Dashboard Template

Discussion on Ubold - Admin & Dashboard Template

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cielaero Purchased

How do I call Base UI using jquery? trying to call modal by .modal({show: true }) but nothing happens. any advise? thanks


Could you share more code snippet at support(at)coderthemes(dot)com

Best, Coderthemes

Hello, what versions of the template are included here? Is there a regular html template here?


Yes. It’s a HTML with Bootstrap v5.

Let me know if you have any queries.

Best, Coderthemes

Please how to add two basic datepicker in m’y project.when i m trying to do it thé second IS a input space


Could you contact us at support(at)coderthemes(dot)com?

Best, Coderthemes

Quick and effective support, thank you.

Thank you :)

Hello, I’m having big problem, jquery of the template not working on mobile, click, change ect events…


Could you share exact problem [also if possible to share code snippet] over support(at)coderthemes(dot)com?

Best, Coderthemes

Hi, is there any ui for reports like invoices?


I think you need this page: https://coderthemes.com/ubold/layouts/default/pages-invoice.html

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best, Coderthemes


Hi there, I have absolutely no experience with websites. But as a data analyst I do have a database of useful data which I want to show publicly on my website (which still has to be made). Your template would be perfect. Currently the data is all is in a database (local). I want to show the data from the database using your amazing template. Would this work? If so how can I make this possible?

3 friends of mine want to show their logo on top of this website as sponsors. Would this also be possible?


It is just static websites. You can add manual data to it

- If your data is dynamic – use AJAX (HTTP) request for data fetching via javascript.

Re – If your data is static (That’s three friends), then any basic HTML developer can customize it.

Let me know if you have any questions,

Best, Coderthemes

Dear Support Team. I have read that there is also a landing page. Unfortunately I can’t find it in the demo. Is there a link to it, so that I can look at this?


You can find it here: https://coderthemes.com/ubold/landing/index.html

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best, Coderthemes

Looks very good. Great job, thnx :)

HI, is there any option to change the theme from light to dark dynamically, i need to change the theme from customer end. can you help on this please


These is custom work.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Best, Coderthemes

Hello. I need to purchase html, but I accidentally purchased angular and also purchased html, but I purchased the wrong quantity in two. If possible, can you refund one html quantity and angular?


Sure, please open up refund request. Also provide all purchase details in the requests.


Overall from my perspective quite a nice product. I know you have sold thousands. But some constructive criticism …

A couple of issues I have with your dashboard, is that the menu resets every time you select an item. By this I mean the user looses their place because the menu scrolls back to its initial position. I would think users would fine this very frustrating if they have to select several menu options within a category as they navigate to obtain info. I was wanting this for a medical app but I’m afraid that menu issue would drive people crazy. Can this be altered so the menu remains as it was selected ?

On many of the screens the columns are not able to be sorted. Example by the column Title say for Dates or Amounts, or Names etc. Is this just a setting or are some table types unable to be sorted ?



Thank you for sharing your feedback on this. This really helps us to improve the theme overall. Please find my answers below:

1. The menu should be getting activated based on the window url. By default, it compares the url path with the menu item’s target href. However, you can change that logic.

2. The menu scrolling would be an issue in case there is a really long menu. E.g. on page load, it’s not scrolling to the activated menu. This is something, I will try to improve.

3. Columns sorting is the setting/configuration issue. You can really achieve that by setting it. The data table provides the way.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or feedback.

Thank you

Hello, tippy tooltips are not displayed inside the bootstrap table

Please reach out to support(at)coderthemes(dot)com

I would love to. Get Laravel + InertiaJS + VUE + TailwindCSS.

Thank you. I will try to look into it.

Hi, I’d like to buy you theme before I would like to know if it is possible to replace the default icons with custom icons. Would the .png format be enough or do you need a css or a special format? Thank you, best! Anna

Hi , We are using font icons mostly, so if you can create a font, it should be working. You can also use png, but will need to do small style adjustments.

Hi, great theme! I wanted to ask if there’s a git repo where we can see the updates to know how to update the changes from our side.

Sorry, there is no git repo available at the moment

Dear coderthemes, I confirm, when I download the files I only find Admin templates and not landing page. I’ve searched for landing.html file and have not found it in archive. Could you please add it to archive?

Please reach out to support(at)coderthemes(dot)com. We will share the landing via google drive.

Hello, I can’t find the front end landing page, please can you help me find where it is ?

Yes I saw the demo, but when I download the files I only find Admin templates and not landing page

Could you please search for landing.html file?

Hello, I am a beginner programmer Can I connect your dashboard to my apps in the Dart language?

Sorry, Ubold is simple html template only.

how get focus text input in modals show?


You can use the modal event (e.g. shown.bs.modal – https://getbootstrap.com/docs/5.0/components/modal/) to apply autofocus on input. I have created example here: https://jsbin.com/qonulojuxo/edit?html,js,output

Thank you

When the left nav is collapsed on desktop, it stays collapsed when scrolling. However, on ios the left nav expands as soon as I begin to scroll. Any way to disable this feature?

Sorry, could you please share the screen over email support(at)coderthemes(dot)com?


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