Discussion on Venera - Responsive HTML Template

Discussion on Venera - Responsive HTML Template

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Hi I purchased the Venera product for html Purchase code: fdf9443d-c285-4f49-8e86-64eec3b49ad0 – 19 Jul 2016

I’m really frustrated! I need to access the code for the hover options for the images on the bottom of the index-2.html page. I see on your help file the following instruction:

Create New Portfolio Item

To add new portfolio copy all code below inside div “portfolio-grid”. Then change all blue text below as description.

Below is sample html structure for portfolio item

Hold Fast Hope

I cannot find this in any of the css pages! I’ve scrolled through them all. And I’m using dreamweaver cc. Not sure if I’m missing something? What file will i find this on?

My main interest is in changing the display text. However, when I am using live view it won’t allow me to commit the changes if I type it in. If I use design view I can’t access this portion.

Unfortunately, I can’t find it in the html or the css. Lastly I did notice that under the “Style.css” in the CSS Designer tab, there is a message “css?family=Monserratt: 700 (read only)”. Is this maybe preventing me from editing this?

Sorry to keep going on but I also don’t seem to be able to locate the information for the nav bar at the top. I’d like to be disable a few of the links and change their names.

Thanks! —Ava


Make sure code tab is active on Dreamweaver so you can view page source code.

To make more portfolio item you can copy all code below inside div “portfolio-grid” then replace image and text.

<div class="portfolio-item">
                       <span class="pic_hover">
                         <h1>Hold Fast Hope</h1>
                    <a class="url" href="project-1.html"></a>
                    <a class="preview" href="images/portfolio_big/img_pf (1).jpg" rel="prettyPhoto" title="Project Description"></a>
                    <img src="images/portfolio_thumbnail/smallpic-1.jpg" />

Hi I was wondering if you can edit this in dreamweaver cc?

Hi, great looking template. Are the Project pages able to have Youtube videos shown within the sliders as well as the photos?

Hi, thanks for your purchase! We’re sorry it currently not supported.

Hello! When I receive a message through the contact form, I can’t see the name of the person who’s sending it. I only see the email and the message, but not the name.

How can I fix this? Thank you!

Hi, i will look for this issue. I will send you message once it done.

Thank you! Let me know

hi great theme, even a year later !

just a question: im trying to optimize (updating js code) the code and i’m wondering what are the purpose of each JS since i cant find it in the docs… Some i already know like jquery / isotope / selectnav etc… But for cycle, organictabs, responsiveslides, ender i really dont know !

thx !

Hi, thanks for your purchasing. Each javascript is used on current template. For some file need another file to run. Organic tabs used for tabs, responsive slides used in single project page.

thx for the fast respondse… any idea what ender.js is for ?

Sorry for late reply. File ender.js also used for isotop jquery.

Great theme, just what I’m looking for. Are you still working on a Wordpress version for this? When will that be available?

Thanks for your interest, wp version is coming soon!

Great template! Just a quick question for a programming noob like me. How do I adjust the Google Maps position in Contacts..?

Hi, thanks for your purchasing. Open “contact.html” using editor, find this code
<iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="http://maps.google.co.id/maps?q=itc+depok&hl=id&sll=-6.248411,106.833801&sspn=0.371998,0.529404&ie=UTF8&view=map&f=d&daddr=Jl.+Margonda+Raya+Kav+56,+Depok+16431&geocode=CXBfEqpsWd8iFV5wnv8dev5dBiFfQlEfkZZ3Xw&ll=-6.393762,106.82329&spn=0.006295,0.006335&output=embed"></iframe>

Change value for ‘src’ with code that you get for your location.

Hi, prior to purchasing, couple questions: Canwe add an ‘image’ to where link/magnifer is on images on home page in order to open lightbox with iframe displaying website?

On contact page, is it possible to add captcha type (I do not know how to do this and wondered if possible).

Is it possible to add a shadow around images on home as well as gallery images?

Lastly, can the way images in gallery go greyscale when hovering over a particular image, is this possible to stop as really ‘jarring’ on eyes? ie have all images greyed out and only the one hovered over be in colour? Thanks for patience.

Hi, thanks for your interest. Yes it can, the popup can show images, flash, video or website. To add captcha may you can embed your own page into contact page. To add shodows is possible by small modification in css file.

Hi, how can I change the opacity of the pic_hover (on the home page in the portfolio-grid) to be 80% instead of 100% to still see the image below?

Hi, thanks for your purchasing! To change opacity please open file js/designesia.js > look at line 80
$(this).stop().fadeTo(200, 1);
replace with below:
 $(this).stop().fadeTo(200, .8);

Thank you!! Another question though :) How to make the first tab active on page load in the “steps” section? In the index.html line 285. Thanks!

Hi, to make first tab active please open file js/designesia.js > look at line 166-167
replace with below:

>>>>??? pleace answer me

there’s one psd file for homepage. thanks

how many files PSD attachment? *PSD sites

BR Marcin

Well done! I like how clean & simple you made it for a responsive site!

One thing I noticed that wasn’t working in the demo was the tabs on the elements page. Not sure why, but they didn’t change when I clicked on them.

hi thanks for your notice, i will fix it soon.

excellent work,good luck:)

thank you!

Great theme! Good luck :)

thank you!

Nice theme. Any chance you’ll be releasing a Wordpress version?

thanks for your interest. Wordpress version of this template would be released on next couple months.

Nice template,. Great job,. :)

thank you!


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