Discussion on Virgo - Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template

Discussion on Virgo - Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template

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I noticed there was a video player…but Is there an audio player for mp3?

Thanks for the update, been waiting for a while! I think this is better than atlant because of the side bar graphs waiting for flat as well.

Thanks for waiting. We are sorry about that. We hope you will change your mind about this template, and someday you will change your review to better.

However we will keep updating this template asap. Thank you.

can you update to current bootstrap, over a yr since update

Over 2 yrs since updates!!!

Dear customers,

Release v1.7 done and ready to use.

This update is first step in line of updates that we planned to do.

First of all this is mirgration from BS2 to BS3, and it give us possibility to work on. Also we fixed some bugs, and do some elements flat. In future updates we will include flat theme(as main theme).

Thank you for your choise, stay tuned.

FYI – this is still the older Bootstrap. Broken with the new and current versions.

Any updates? Its been over a year 2013

Hello. We will update it to newest version of bootstrap and make minor changes in design. We will try to do this asap(1-2weeks).

Hello, again. Found your comments and i see that you are right, you sended me request with a dial menu and i dont know why i miss that. Please, contact me by email, and will help you in all your questions. Thank you.

Nicely documented. Good design, easy to work with. I will report back if I find any issues.

Good work! :)


Thank you. Stay tuned;)

Can i get sample to use it in ASP.NET web application(not MVC) in Master page – Content page environment? Actually I could not use validations in Wizard. It gives error because my Master page has <FORM runat=”server”>. Please help me at your earliest convenience.

Hello, unfortunately i’m php developer. Contact me with email if it still relevant…

hi Please Update to bootstrap 3.1.1 :):(

Hello, i’m working on it now. Stay tuned

Any updates, also bootstrap 3 is out.

Can you show a separate example on how to use to reuse the button menu please.

Hello? Can you show sample on customizing the button menu


Please contact me with email(aqvatarius[at]urk.net.

hi, I still need sample on customizing the quick navigation – big dial menu on the left.

Hello Aqvatarius, nice work on this template, might look forward on getting this one also, i notice on your live demo on firefox some js errors when clicking the buttons (

Hi, sades

Replace code in actions.js:133 to:

$(".head .buttons > li > a").click(function(event){ 

Thanks for your report. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions

you have a very elegeant style. But your templates are not rich..

Thanks, i’ll work on it.

Really like the template and the support is awesome : Dmitry helped me to save the block poisition with a cookie. I really recommend this template and this developper ! Franck, from France

Thank you :)

Great template ! Is there a way to save block position in drag and drop ? Thanks !


Sure. You can find in plugins.js code(// draggable blocks //), there u will find STOP event controller. So you can use var sorted to save position of blocks.

Contact me with email, if you need help with this. Thanks

How do I add events to the calendar?

Template is good. Updates will make it outstanding


There few ways to add events, check oficial site of FullCalendar plugin to get more information(link u can find in documentation -> credits).

Thanks for purchase. Let me know if u have any questions or suggestions(via email aqvatarius@ukr.net)

Please provide some updates like – 1. Jquery Ajax Uername Availibility checker. 2. Jquery fancy alery. 3. Jquery print page. 4. javascript mathematical calculation.

Your sell will also increase if people will see regular updates providing by you cause every buddy wants to be updated.


Hi harshaljha

I’m working on updates now. Thanks for your suggestions.

Hi, Please do release updates.

hi harshaljha

I will do updates for each my project after release of new project. Now i’m working on documentations, so updates will be quite soon.

Two 4 Issues: 1) Slow loading, documentation does not explain easily, how to keep some plugins.

2) Users are complaining its hard to read the font on Window desktop with font and background. It renders well for Mac, but not Windows.

3) please add more icons, they’re very limited.

    4) The widget/Html layout is lost for some customers, when they do drag and drop. They want to save layout, how can I save this on server, like a post back

In the drag and drop widget module, how can I save the layouts and position of the widgets, after user moves widgets.

Can you put an example on json post back for layout of widgets on pages. Like an Ajax event or a call to do a save of the location/layout of widgets.

any updates on this

Hi, I wrote an email but still on response. Been 7 months…

Can you please help.

1) Also please show me how to edit and adapt the dials with 1) color, 2) icons 3) postback to server

2) bootstrap 3.0.3 update?

3) I bought my own icons, how can I adapt, or integrate this

4) The widget/Html layout is lost for some customers, when they do drag and drop. They want to save layout, how can I save this on server, like a post back

Hello, answered on your email.

Absolutely love the theme! Quite a steep learing curve to integrate it well with my own code and understand how things behave (all that java stuff for instance), but the easy implementation of very well styled elements is just great!


Thank you joffs :)

The kChart does not show the knob chart. It only displays a number in a text field. This is from version 1.5. The calendar also does not display. These are from your files I downloaded from purchase.

Please help me find a solution so both these elements work. Thank you.

The kChart: <div class="widget-fluid TAC"> <div class="kchart"> <input type="text" class="knob" data-min="1" data-max="5" value="2" data-width="90" data-height="90" data-fgColor="#468847" data-readOnly="true" data-bgColor="#f7f8fa"/> <div class="label label-success">Needs Fulfilled</div> </div> </div>

The Calendar: <div class="widget"> <div class="block-fluid"> <div id="main_calendar" /> </div> </div>

Please, contact me with email. I will help you. Also send me console log, there must be an error. Thanks for purchase.

I just bought your theme. Would you know why the submenu disappears when I try and add in different widgets in index.html?

Is there something to do to keep the submenu there no matter what?

hi, markinganewera

contact me with email, and describe this problem. I will try to help you. Thanks for purchase

I figured it out. Thank you for the response.

the login input fields are wider than the box on Chrome.

Check this page. I have checked in latest chrome. there all ok. Can you send me link on your page?


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