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Only $10? will sell A lot!

Proud to be the first to purchase this template, I was dreaming of it since the day I saw the PSD (only) version. I’m going to tweak it little bit and add a personal touch to it.

for $10 it’s a steal, this worth much more…quality man…quality.

Thanks for your kind words. It’s the first time I receive a comment like this. I’d like to see how you will adapt this template for your project. No one uses to show the results of template customization and it would be interesting to see. And thanks also for purchasing the template! Best, K.

It would be awesome if could put a search field in.

@ cwest – Don’t really think the intention behind the template requires a search field. The template is designed for a slick fast and clean website. A site that site, honestly in my opinion doesn’t really qualify for a search field. It would be very easy to add in your own using Google to pull your search results and just code in a spot for input.

@ the Author – Beautiful template! Something I have been looking for. I am going to be purchasing this template tonight. I think this template would fit perfect with the name of my website. Will email you a link once I am done.

Thanks for your beautiful work!

Thank you for your comments!

nice work man, :)

Quick question:

To modify the “John Doe” logo at the top and “Hello…” text, do I need to modify the PSD file or is it just html text? If it’s the PSD , is the PSD pre-cut for web use?

Really Nice job by the way..

I think your other PSD templates are superb and would love to see them as html!

PS – It’s a shame about the font you used – looks to me like it would cost €150+ to buy! (maybe I’m reading it wrong!)

Thank you for your feedback! John Doe logo is a PSD file adjustment. About fonts, you can find free options like this one http://www.dafont.com/duepuntozero.font


PLEASE convert dsome of your other PSD templates!!!

I’m thinking about buying this theme. Two questions first:

1. Can I add a page to use as the location for blog posts? 2. Can I change the color scheme slightly (from orange to red)?


1. This template is not ready for use as a blog. 2. Yes, you can change to any color by editing the PSD file and re-slicing graphics. Thanks for asking.

Thanks for a unique template. There are soooooo many templates on here that are the same style. I bought this one because of its uniqueness. I would have paid any price for it. Thanks again!!

Thanks for your warm feedback and purchase!

Beautiful. Good job! :-)

Thanks for your feedback and purchase!

How hard would it be for me to add a page tab and a blog? (me doing the coding of course, just want to see if it is easily editable?)

I don’t know your skills dude, sorry.

I’m a little confused about how to change this template. I usually use WordPress but am no stranger to HTML or CSS . I have paced the HTML on my domain, opened the pSD files but I still don’t see how to change the content.

Am I understanding correctly that all the text must be changed on the PSD files? If that is the case then all the content on my site, using this template would be an image?

Also, where can I find the names of the graphics you have placed now. I can remslice but I don’t know what to save the slices as. What am I missing?

This Template uses the CSS sprite technique. If you want to learn more about it, please visit: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/04/27/the-mystery-of-css-sprites-techniques-tools-and-tutorials/

Please take a look to this PNG : http://www.kaisersosa.com.ar/envato/demos/webdesignerportfolio/_img/sprite.png

This is the main image used as a Sprite into the template. If you want to make changes here, you must open the PSD file called “sprite.psd” and edit all you want, then export it again as a transparent PNG with same name into same “_img” folder. The rest of the texts included in this template is HTML text.

Good luck! K.

Very nice template. Easily editable but had to do more than I wanted to because of the unlicensed font (price $179). Not sure why you’d use a corporate font requiring license in a template you’re selling. It would have been nice to only edit the text that needed to be instead of all of it (even the tabs). Kind of annoying and potentially hazardous to those who don’t realize not to use the unlicensed font. To fix this issue, I used Arial Rounded which is very close to the font used in this template.

Thank you for your purchase!

I usually choose fonts for their beauty, not its price. If you buy the Gotham font you can use it not only in this template, but for the rest of your career. And it’s a font that will never be obsolete.

Arial Rounded is an ugly font made ??by people who wanted a cheap copy of Helvetica. If you buy Helvetica font you’ll get a 50 years old font. Imagine all the beautiful things which you can make in other 50 years! :)

Don’t forget to view its documentary http://vimeo.com/18172009 And thanks again! K.

where is the file stylesheet.css??

This template is not a Wordpress theme, it’s a HTML+CSS website.

This may be a dumb question, but I’m having problem changing “Hello my name is John Doe, I am a Graphic & Web Designer”. I’‘m changing it in the H3 tags but it doesn’t change on the template. What am I doing wrong?