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? Works for me.

Great job! All the best

Thanks mate!

Another addition to the large collection of one page templates in Themeforest but unique work this time. It seems a bit simple and a touch beautiful.

Thanks :)

Thank you!

Wow great theme! :)

Thanks :)

Congratulations Great work bro, Good Luck :)

love the theme, what is the font used for the logo?

Contact form in the template isn’t send the emails for me. It executes on the errors fine and it validates… but not email sent. Help!

Hi , thanks for purchasing my template, please check if your server supports PHP. Contact form on the demo works fine.

How to adjust the logo closer to the top of the page, on the first screen?

Hello Shegy Nice Job with this theme, i need to fix the mobile view How can we fix the nav-collapse, it stay open after you click on it

The bootstrap.js works fine in independent pages but in this one looks like the menu is not working right.

Thank you

I’m a novice and I know you didn’t write fancybox. How do add multiple images or a gallery in the portfolio section? Is there an easy way to do that without added a bunch of code?

Thanks, great theme!


One of my client buy your theme and i redesign as per client requirement, but issue is How to configure email in contact form in contactform.php

Regd Team

argh help… i cant get the site to open on iphone only? it just kills the browser?

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Yea, I am also having a problem with discriptions in the email form. in IE8 there are just blank.

its also blank in the preview..

Great theme man!

Like @tsarlink, I like the mobile menu but wanted the menu to close automatically when a user clicks a link. If your a buyer and what this too, here’s what I did:

In index.html, under the “NAVIGATION ####....” comment, around line 47, find this line:
<button data-target=".nav-collapse" data-toggle="collapse" class="btn btn-navbar pull-right" type="button">

Change it to this:
<button id="mobileMenuBtn" data-target=".nav-collapse" data-toggle="collapse" class="btn btn-navbar pull-right" type="button">

Which simply adds: id="mobileMenuBtn"

Then, in main.js, find the anchorSlide function and change it to the below (adding one line of code):

    anchorSlide: function() {
      $('#head .link, #navigation a, .arrow-up').on('click', function(e){
          $('#mobileMenuBtn').click(); //this is the added line
        var goTo = $(this).attr('href');
            navH = $('#navigation').height();

        $('html, body').animate({
          scrollTop: $(goTo).offset().top - navH + 1
        }, 1400, "easeInOutExpo");


Now, when you open the mobile menu and click an item, the menu will collapse THEN the page will scroll to the desired section.