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Congrats ! welcome to Forest :)

Thank you:)

Superb..! Good Luck with Sales :)

Thank you so much!!!

Awesome design! Is there a way to possibly turn off the animations as you scroll down the page? I’d like to just have all the elements loaded and ready to view.

Step 1.All animated elements have opacity:0; Open up file “style.css” ( or any color scheme css file) and change it to 1 Step 2. Open up file “custom.js” and delete strings from 23 to 97

A list of animated elements and position in style.css file:

f_center_content (string:332)

feature_1, #feature_2, #feature_3, #feature_4, #feature_5, #feature_6 (string:340)

screenshot_1, #screenshot_2, #screenshot_3, #screenshot_4, #screenshot_5, #screenshot_6, #screenshot_7, #screenshot_8 (string:407)

team-member-holder (string:529)

v_banner_content (string:663)

v_banner_video (string:707)

price_1, #price_2, #price_3, #price_4 (string:744)

question_1, #question_2, #question_3, #question_4, #question_5, #question_6,#question_7, #question_8 (string:1003)

input_name, #input_email, #input_subject, #input_message, #form_btn (string:1066)

newsletter_title (string:1144)

newsletter_form (string:1162)

footer_copy, #footer_icons (string:1232)

Thats All

Hello a presale question please ! I’m using a lot landing pages, and I had a particular problem with them, concerning the youtube videos embedding ! when I embed a video in the landing page it does not work on firefox, but it works perfectly on google chrome. I just need a confirmation about this please. Thank You

every embedded video will work perfect

SCREENSHOTS GALLERY do not work in ipad or iphone (iOS7), i need your help.

I use another in www.odontos.com.co/slanding that have the same prettyphoto versión, so this ready in Ipad and Iphone. I need your help.

Thank for purchase, javierbaez, please give me a little time to check it

Three days without solution. I bought it because it says it is adaptative, but in iOS 7 does not work, I check the plugin and if it works well, even on other products.

Three days without solution. I bought it because it says it is adaptative, but in iOS 7 does not work, I check the plugin and if it works well, even on other products.

Template was updated to v1.1 all bugs are fixed.Added some functions

Please. test a ipad or iphone. the problem is not the plugin, it works in other templates. Again, the zoom does not work in iOS.

Beautiful work! Best of luck with Sales…

Thank you so much !!!

Bought this last week. However, I need the contact form to post in UTF-8. I can see that UTF-8 is in the code, but when I send an email with ÆØÅ they does show in UTF-8.

Please help me with this:)


Thank you, one more question. Where do I change the error messages in the contact form? They`re in English…

Open file custom.css go to the end of the file. Find string Contact Form Validation and messages.If you like our work please rate it!!!

nevermind:) Thank You!

Hi, thanks for the Theme, I need just 2 price tables, how can I center them? BTW Excellent Comments and nice documentation

Thank for purchase.You must change some code. Give me please you email address and i’ll send you changes

Hello, is it possible to increase the icons size in feature section? Tks!

Yes it possible

Is it possible to increase “team” section one more line (to add more 3 or 4 team profiles)?

WhiteStar is very flexible template. Yes it possible

Hi again, your template comes with some basic shortcodes like tabs ?

No it does not have

Hello, I’ll buy your theme, but can you send me the code to change price table to 2 and 4 columns?

Hi! I need code for two and for three tables instead four. Thanks!

I need your email address and a little time.What about responsive stylesheet. Do you need it?

Hi, I sent a private message for you with email and yes, I need responsive too (and sure, I can wait). Thank you so much!

Previewed the theme using old browsers (Internet Explorer 9 specifically) before deciding to purchase and none of the opacity animations allow the content to appear. Do you have or plan to implement a workaround?

Support IE9 is a requirement of ThemeForest. But every IE9 easy upgrade to IE10. I’m planning fix this bug


How can I remove / disable the pre loading animation? I tried to comment out the jpreloader.js but It affects the lightbox and accordion features.


Hi, lexxeurope, sorry for late reply and thanks for purchasing my template. You also need open the file custom.js and comment out the strings fron 4 to 19. Thanks

Great, Thank you very much!

Hi, the video fullscreen is not working properly.Do you know how to fix it?

Hi,chebidoia, thanks for purchasing my template. Can I have a link to see? Thanks

hello, can i add video in the home section instead of image?

let me know so that i can buy this?


Hi, vijaysht, if you buy this template I will help you to add a video background instead the image. Thanks

Hi, i can’t remove defoult iframe of VIMEO. I put my own video, but it’s steel show VIMEO

Hi, uzel323, I’m so sorry for late reply. Can you send me the link? Thanks

Hi, I have bought your template, and I need help.

this is the link where the landing page: www.agristorecosenza.it/LP/denocciolatrici/

1) I need in the contact form in the bottom of the page that the field for models (where you can choise the model of the product) the first option “SELEZIONA UN MODELLO” will must doesn’t work, for example if a customer when it fill the form and forget to select the model the form will be not sended.

2) In the file contact.php I want add a automatic redirect for a thankyou page, in this way I can track the conversation rate.

Can you help me with this customization?

Hi, robertocosenza, thanks for purchasing my template. Unfortunately the default contact form doesn’t allow to you make these changes. But, if you have some developer or you can edit the code then you can customize it. Regards

Yes I can edit the code, but I don’t know how do for the first point about the error for the first option, can you help me?

Hi, robertocosenza, sorry for late reply if you add new field you have to also make changes in the contact.php file. Thanks