Discussion on Wintermin - Bootstrap Admin Theme

Discussion on Wintermin - Bootstrap Admin Theme

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Everyone, I’m having problems installing the theme. It’s missing the stylesheet.css file. Any suggestions? I already sent a note to envato as well as the author. Thanks!

I just purchased your theme—awesome looking and I’m excited about it. I was having problems trying to upload the theme but after zipping the file, the installation began… Just to crash a few seconds later with the following message: “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” How do I resolve this? Thanks.

Everyone, I’m having problems installing the theme. It’s missing the stylesheet.css file. Any suggestions? I already sent a note to envato as well as the author. Thanks!

Dear, i tried to use this template with asp.net webforms but the notifications are not working. any suggestions?

Hi there! Want to use your theme on Yii. Is it possible? Do you supply the layered psd (i need to customise calendar and else)


I do classic web presentations with Bootstrap framework (HTML + CSS)

For a new project we need that in addition to static web site (part of the presentation) and the visitor has the option of login (ie to create an account anything too demanding)?

Are you able to provide more information if I bought this admin template from you how to connect with their static Bootstrap web site?

Thank you very much

I love this theme! How can I turn it into boxed layout? I see the CSS files but not how to activate it.

Hi, I want to buy this template, but I need some answers before purchasing. I bought aan admin template yesterday. But it has too many unnecessary javascript and css link in every single page. So, I abandon to use it.

I need to learn, Is your template same with wihich i bought yesterday. Is there seperated pages? and do these pages contains unnecassary javascript and css links?

The Tooltip Demo on http://geedmo.com/themeforest/wintermin/notifications.html displays on top for left,right,top and bottom. (Chrome 39.0.2171.95)

textarea example(s)? setting the type to textarea doesnt render one

Textarea is similar to an input text with more rows. Also, textarea is an element, not an input type. Which means, you define textarea like: <textarea rows="4" cols="50"></textarea>

Hi, thank you for the great template. I have one question. Is it possible to change the border color of a chosen-select field on validation (for ex when a error occurs)? Right now only the standard form fields support that function.

Hey, I loved your theme, but before I buy it, I would love to know if you can provide a Sass based theme rather than a Less ? I would buy it immediately if you are planning to provide me a Sass template.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi, unfortunately only less version are included, for the theme styles and bootstrap styles. Currently I’m not planning to included sass version.



I want to know that can you convert the following template for Joomla 3.x? And how much would be the price?


Hi, I’m currently no available for freelance works.

The “Portlets” page is amazing… the best I’ve seen in Themeforest.

I’m about to purchase, however theres just one issue I wonder if you can fix, or point me towards fixing after I purchase.

When I land on the portlets page, and drag an item, everything looks fine, meaning the transparent item drags along with my mouse pointer. But if I scroll down the page a little bit, and drag an item again, the transparent item (as I drag) jolts away from my mouse pointer. It seems to get worse (jolts farther away) as I scroll further down on that page.

Hope that can be fixed! I really want to purchase this, and probably will regardless…. Let me know and thank you so much for your wonderful work here!

This is only happening in Chrome and Safari BTW

Hi Tiire,

Thanks for report this with details.
It’s a known bug which is solved with the following rule in the content wrapper element: overflow: auto; This bug was considered but commented in the source (also in the demo).
If I’m right, you can see the porlets system working fine here http://geedmo.com/themeforest/wintermin/portlets.html

Thanks again,

geedmo … Fantastic! It does work properly now. Thanks so much, will buy today

Need PSD of the Theme.

Hi, sorry, only PSD for mockups used in pages is included. I don’t have PSD for the layout.


Hi, This is an awesome, great great work. How do I make the side menu to start collapsed?


Hi, thanks!
To collapse the menu just add class aside-collapsed your body element


great theme

one question please … how do i stop the forms remembering stuff when you refresh the browser? I dont want it to remember card info… thanks.

Hi, thanks!

You need to use the attribute autocomplete=”off” in your form inputs.
Please check this for more information http://stackoverflow.com/a/2531/1754325

Hope this helps, Regards

Me too looking for some color schemes. Ready to buy asap.

Hello, you can now see some new color combinations in the demo (under left menu item “Themes”).


Congratulation . GLWS :)

Thanks joomlastars !


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