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I can’t find weathis this template let’s you multi-language options. I need my website to be in spanish and english. ¿Is this possible? Thanks!


You need to purchase “Wisdom of Life Wordpress Version” . In Wordpress version you’ll be able to translate the strings.

I have the same issue: the countdown timer resets when I refresh page. Please advice!!!


This is static HTML template, you need to modify in js files to change the countdown timer values.

Hello again, How do I make the countdown timer dynamic?

At the moment I have it set to 43 days to next event. Is it possible to have it countdown is it gets closer to the event.

Every time I go back to the site the countdown starts from 43 days.

The time defaults back to the original set time.

Is this possible?

Regards, Kevin

Thanks for the reply.I am still struggling with this. Can you give me more detail please? I can find the where to change the time but it is still not dynamic.

Thanks Kevin

Also, Can you tell me how to slow down the main slider and maybe change the transition to a fade? Thanks again


Please share the link, so that we can diagnose and fix the issue. For slider you can visit the jQuery Nivo Slider website to find more information.

Just thought you should know your preview page is not working.

It might be down for sometime but its working.

Hi, I have been trying to install this theme for my wordpress site and it doesn’t seem to work! I downloaded the files and installed the theme, and there’s a warning that says “wordpress failure notice”. Please help, I just paid for this.

Doesn’t appear to be much if any support from the author aside from go look somewhere else… Has anyone been able to successfully slow down the slider on the front page and would be willing to help me figure it out. Much appreciated and have a good one.


Please submit your ticket at http://extracoding.freshdesk.com/support/login . We’ll try to diagnose the issue.


Do you have responsive version of wisdown of life?


Right now we don’t have its responsive version.

Any plan to make this template responsive boss? By the way, did the documentation have tell how dan where to upload this template?


We are in plan to make it responsive but it’ll take time. its just an html template and you can upload it on you website root directory.


How do I make the “You’ve Helped Raise… Target bar” update as donations come in? I’ve set the donate button to a paypal account. Please direct me to a developer if needed.

Thanks Johnny


please contact us through our ticket system out technical staff will guide you through procedure.


Thanks, I just submitted a ticket.

Hi themebazaar, Do you have this HTML template in responsive? Your Wordpres Template is in responsive. I would like to buy this template only if you give me in responsive.

Thanks & Regards, Naqsham

How can I resize the size of the Youtube videos on the post when you enable video.. way to big for me. Thank you


by when can this get updated in responsive layout.

please let me know, i need it