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Awesome! Clean and elegant, GLWS!

Thanks a lot!

Absolutely wonderful Ghost template. Great job @JDavydko!

I am curious, does it currently support audio embedded in articles? I am considering it for a podcasting site I am launching.

Well, I didn’t test audio. Write me an e-mail with sample of code and I’ll test it. If it won’t work properly — I’ll upgrade theme so it will.

Thanks for purchase! Now you can test it yourself (: Please, let me know if something is wrong with audio embeding. And gimme a link to your blog with Yokai (:

I’ve just submitted an update that will make music iframe look nice both on index page and inner page.

Maybe later (:

Welcome to TF. Congrats!!


Just bought this theme and love it!

However when embedding a video, Ugly black borders appear due to incorrect resizing when using <!-Your video iframe code goes here-> .

You can see what I mean at http://blog.george.md

Any way to fix this? Or maybe add video.js support in a future release?

Thanks a bunch!

Nevermind regarding the pagination – didn’t close an iframe tag :)


Thanks for purchase! I’ll try to add fitvid.js as soon as possible (:

Hey there, the theme looks good from what I can see, but your demo is down. Would you mind getting it back up?

Demo is up and running again thanks to you (: