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Awesome! Clean and elegant, GLWS!

Thanks a lot!

Absolutely wonderful Ghost template. Great job @JDavydko!

I am curious, does it currently support audio embedded in articles? I am considering it for a podcasting site I am launching.

Well, I didn’t test audio. Write me an e-mail with sample of code and I’ll test it. If it won’t work properly — I’ll upgrade theme so it will.

Thanks for purchase! Now you can test it yourself (: Please, let me know if something is wrong with audio embeding. And gimme a link to your blog with Yokai (:

I’ve just submitted an update that will make music iframe look nice both on index page and inner page.

Maybe later (:

Welcome to TF. Congrats!!


Just bought this theme and love it!

However when embedding a video, Ugly black borders appear due to incorrect resizing when using <!-Your video iframe code goes here-> .

You can see what I mean at http://blog.george.md

Any way to fix this? Or maybe add video.js support in a future release?

Thanks a bunch!

Nevermind regarding the pagination – didn’t close an iframe tag :)


Thanks for purchase! I’ll try to add fitvid.js as soon as possible (:

Hey there, the theme looks good from what I can see, but your demo is down. Would you mind getting it back up?

Demo is up and running again thanks to you (:

Hey there! Great looking theme. Other than adding hyperlinks to the side bar that point to …/tag/yourtag, do you have any other thoughts or a more elegant suggestion to allow readers to sort content? I know they can sort from the post’s tag itself, but I might have readers who are interested in only some topics I write about. Allowing them to quickly and easily filter my blog by post type, without wasting time digging through content (to find only the tags they want to see), seems like it could be useful. Thanks!

Hi! Thank you for purchasing the theme! Unfortunately, the only way Ghost can sort posts is by tags, so I don’t think there’s some other way for users to filter your posts.

Thanks for the quick reply. One more quick thing if you don’t mind, I notice that socials.hbs is missing the option for Instagram. Could you please consider adding that icon so that it’s able to be turned on in socials.hbs? Thanks!

Good luck with sales! Looks great.

Does this theme support the latest stable ghost? Looks great!

Sadly, no. I’m not even sure it will work even without some of the newest Ghost’s features. So I would not recommend to buy it until I update it. I’ll try to find some time to do so until the end of the month. Thanks for your interest!