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About Aural Axiom

Greetings! I’m Ryan from Aural Axiom Productions. I have a varied background in music, with a formal, classical education as well as extensive experience in the modern music industry. I play saxophone, oboe, tin whistle, and synth both as a live and studio musician. Between gigs, I score soundtrack music in Logic Pro using a variety of high quality sound libraries.

Music done well offers us a glimpse past the mundane and the ordinary into a world of beauty, wonder, and mystery. That’s why I believe it should be as good as we can possibly make it. My passion in life is to make the world a more beautiful place, as it is my personal conviction that beauty serves to direct the earnest seeker to the source of all beauty—God.

Of course, on a practical level the quality of a soundtrack can make or break your media production. Not only do I have formal training in classical music composition, but I also have years of experience in the modern music industry, having both performed and written within a large variety of genres. You can rest assured that my tracks are of the highest quality, from a composition as well as a production standpoint.

Make art well.

Videohive Authors

If you end up using one of my tunes for your video, if you could take the time to list me as a credit I would much appreciate it! At the very least, send me a link to the video you’re using my tune in so I can feature it on my page!

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