Blair Jersyer : PHP Developper

I’m Blair Jersyer a professionnal Web Developper. I have solid knowledge on WordPress, CodeIgniter and Laravel. If you have any question, let me know.

I’m so in love with PHP Applications and Angular JS.

Why would request my services ?

  • You bought a php item on CodeCanyon, but the author doesn’t provide you support ? Just ask me, i can help you.
  • You bought a php item, but the author doesn’t accept custom job ? Just ask me, i can customize any projet for you, and we’ll do it right to avoid overwriting after item update.
  • You would like to install any php item purchased on CodeCanyon ? Don’t bother yourself, i can handle that.
  • You would like to create a WordPress plugin or theme/child-theme ? That’s my favorite task.

Most Custom Job Requested

  • NexoPOS
  • Stock Manager Advance (SMA) by Tecdiary
  • WooCommerce POS by Actuality Extensions
  • Zar POS
  • +6 Others