Brandio ®


As part of the growth and development of our business, we have rebranded ourselves to be more unique and vibrant. We’re now known as Brandio!

We would like first to thank you and thank our valuable clients for helping us moving to the next level. Because of our client’s amazing support, we loved every single idea from them as newborn baby who needs a lot of care to grow.

Brandio promises to stay inline with the client’s ambitious goals and make beautiful things happen for each of us. Together, we will create something that matters to the world. Cheering you everytime you see the work we’ve accomplish together will be always our biggest value.

Note that we will be cancelling any other names we were using like Brandesign & iunique. We will be only using Brandio. Our website and email addresses as well as the social media and envato accounts has changed. The brand will be applied within a week, but we can receive your emails on the new addresses.

Please update our contact info to keep us in touch and making magical things.

Thank you very much

Laila Aldurazi.

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Contact Email:

Skype, instagram, twitter: brandiostudio

Envato account: brandio