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Clean and simple Wordpress themes that scale

Hello, I’m Mark. I run a small web design business called Brave Whale. It’s so small in fact that it’s currently just myself, though I do enlist the help of a programmer friend from time to time.

Here you’ll find Wordpress themes that are easy to use and easy on the eyes.


A few things you should understand about my themes and why I do things the way I do.

  • Create clean and simple designs that rely primarily on CSS for aesthetics.
  • Add only what’s needed: no bloated themes; plugins can do the rest.
  • Keep it plugable: post-types, shortcodes, and other features are better suited as plugins. This allows for easier scaling.


I believe that themes should not have too many built in features that could be added as plugins. When custom post-types or shortcodes, among other features, are built into a theme it locks the user into that theme without an easy way to transition to a different theme.

Imagine your new theme has a post-type called Portfolio. Later on you decide to buy a different theme, but this one only has a post-type called Work. Suddenly your post data doesn’t show up in the admin! If the post-type was a plugin, it would remain the same in the admin across any theme you install. The same goes for shortcodes; a different theme will not display the same shortcodes you setup in a previous theme, but as a plugin they’re safe.

If every theme author made sure to create plugins for certain feature sets, users could switch between any theme and retain all their laboriously entered content.

It’s certainly faster and more convenient for the end user if a theme is packed with everything built in, as you just activate and go, but that’s hardly a future proof way to develop a theme.