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Because we bake cakes that everyone taste!

ChilliPear is a digital studio and a bunch of people who confess innovations on the Web and deals things with taste of what speaks the slogan “make it with taste.” Combination of chilli and pears is a contrast. Pungent and sweet. Just a sense of taste. We love projects that bring the quality, joy and laugh.

Why ChilliPear? Because we bake cakes that everyone taste! We listen to quality music, love really good food and do not forget to work. Chillipear team is like one big freelancer who likes to converse, likes to have fun and enjoys life to 100%. If you find yourself in at least one word, we welcome you among us.

Working with the Web is for Chillipear opportunity to implement their own ideas. Chillipear team loves useful web innovation and community of people who share similar ideas. Freelance work, without the pressure of a superior manager is for Chillipear team all what they want. Creativity is our slogan.

Thank you to all of our customers. We hope you are satisfied with the quality of our work.

Greetings from the ChilliPear Team

Have a project for us?

We are available for freelance, if you are interested working with us please don’t hesitate and contact us on

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