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Music Composer

I’m a composer of orchestral and cinematic music. You can find a lot of different tracks here: from trailer music and individual tracks to entire collections with cues connected to each other. I hope, all of them can fit your project perfectly.

Many thanks for visiting my page. If you have questions read “Need Help?” below or email me: danygankoff@gmail.com.

Need Help?

  • Can I use your music in my video-projects on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
    Definitely yes. If you buy my item, you receive a license to it. Read more here.

  • Can you modify your item to my project?
    Yes, I can. You should ask me about it in the comments to specific track or Email me: danygankoff@gmail.com (also you should use the contact window at the right of main profile page)

  • Can I use previews of your items in my VideoHive projects?
    Yes. Feel free to use previews of my items in your VideoHive projects, but if you do that, let me know.

  • If you need a whole soundtrack, you can find some albums in my portfolio. They are constantly updated.


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