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What I Use


Host: FL Studio 8 XXL

VSTi Software:
KORG – M1 Quantum Leap – Ra
KORG – WAVESTATION EastWest/Quantum Leap – Symphonic Orchestra
Quantum Leap – Colossus EastWest/Quantum Leap – Symphonic Choirs
Quantum Leap – Stormdrum      EastWest – Bosendorfer 290

Creative Prodikeys PC-MIDI
Creative SB Audigy 2

About Me I’m a freelance programmer and composer currently living in Alaska.

What I do best I compose a mix of classical, ambient, and electronic epica. Much of my style comes from that of Jeehun Hwang, composer of the MechWarrior 2 soundtrack. Played one of the songs on a keyboard for the first time and took it from there. I play in the Ab and Eb majors/minors particularly, and never left the scope for much of my songs. I am currently composing an album in the MW2 fashion called Phoenix Chronicles.

Once I acquired EastWest software and the help of MaestroRage (Selcuk Bor), my skills grew rapidly. I’ve been part of the SoS team since early last year. First on Newgrounds, now here on AudioJungle.

We have arranged a network for your convienience with authors who specialize in varied and different fields to provide you with a much wider base to choose from quickly and effectively! Please see below for a quick description of each author.
\\ Binti Binti is a skilled guitarist and composer whose work reflects just that. Capable of bringing down the house and rocking out, perfect for many film/animation purposes with potential use in games.
\\ Dan Dan has incredibe emotional and endearing piano pieces, specialized in tugging the heart strings in either sorrow, lament, or nostalgia with a strong driving pop sense perfect for film/cinematic/games and many other uses
\\ Selcuk Selcuk specializes in epic new age orchestral and symphonic works. Booming and weeping instrumentation designed to get the listener feeling the moment. His tracks are designed largely for the games realm.

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