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Hello there!
Hey, you actually made it down here? So you do have a second after all! Well, I guess we really should introduce ourselves: With over 20 years of professional experience, FirstNote Productions stands for top-quality music for a variety of applications. Successful international media artists and world’s largest multi-billion corporations are already using our music, and now you can too!

What makes us special and why you should care?
Emotion connects people, it changes lives, sells ideas and products. You know it, and we know it, too. This is why we don’t settle for just making “background” music. Instead, we make emotional music! Where others are looking to fill silence with notes, we are making emotional statements in all forms and flavours, whether huge or tiny, happy or sad, whether inspired, cute, shy, or bold. You can hear the difference: Each of our tracks is a carefully crafted little gem, a miniature that is produced to inspire your audience!
Decades of professional music experience, top-notch production from recording to mastering, expressive live performances by real musicians as well as state-of-the-art sounds and samples. Your project deserves no less – and this is exactly what we will give you.
Yes it’s true, we can’t anticipate every possible way in which our music will be used, but as experienced professionals we do know a thing or two about a creative professional’s needs! This is why we strive to always give you the best when it comes to flexibility and usability, for example by including free alternative edits and loops in our download packages whenever it makes sense.

Thank you for your purchase and see you next time!

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