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Music Composer / Motion Graphics Artist / Animator

Hello !

My name is Gabriel Markarian, or as some people call me : “GAMA”.

I am very happy to be here!

Here, you will find many of my original music productions, motion graphics/AfterFX template projects, and 3D models too.

I am a multimedia artist, making musical compositions since I was about 6 years old, and producing Motion Graphics and 3D animations since I had about 13, starting to work professionally a few years later.

Then, I did music for film, shorts, documental, and commercials spots for international brands, including car brands, beverages, etc. As well as editing/post production, VFX, for international commercials, and Motion Graphics, including 2D and 3D character animation projects, and my own music/animation projects.

These are my passions. They have a lot to do one with each other, in many ways.

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This is a great and stimulating community, and I am really glad to be part of it.

I thank God for this great opportunity,

Thank you !

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