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Hi. We’re Goblin Portal. We make super nice games, pixel art and game assets.

The Team

We are currently a team of two uploading new and cool items on Envato.
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Jonas Robertsson | Project Manager
Exceptional problem-solving skills with a passion for resolving
complex challenges. A high interest about human behaviour
and a background from web design.
Marketing, E-Commerce, Web design, UX, HTML, CSS, PHP, SEO, SEM
Björn Robertsson | Game Artist/Director
A fantasy bucket with a passion for making imagination to
art. A high interest about pixel art and a consumer of old games.
Character design, Animation, Effects, Enviroment, Tiles, Objects
John/Jane Doe | Title
We are always looking to team up with more game developers out there.
If you wan’t to join us, send us a message and we’ll get back to you
as soon as possible.
Game Developer, Game Designer, Game Projectmanager

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