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Groovemasters offer high quality royalty free music for use in a variety of products from television advertisements to feature films. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver great music every time.

Each track is professionally produced and of the highest quality. We work hard to make sure your project is a great success. The right music is essential to achieving your goal. When you need something extra special that stands out then you can trust Groovemasters to deliver.

With over half a million record sales we really know what we’re talking about. We create great music tailored to the specific needs of clients and many of the track uploaded you’ll notice are aimed at specific audiences or projects. Clients include Initial Film & TV, BBC, Sony, BMG and more.

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to providing you with some awesome music to enhance your project.

A selection of our music:

Hypnotic Robotic – This track has a hypnotic appeal with it’s repetitive synth melody and driving beat.
Slave To Fashion – This track starts with a catchy melody that’s quicky followed up by a driving beat and powerful synth progression.
In The Zone – With a driving drum pattern intro that sets that pace from the very beginning to classic synth sounds of the melodies this track is suitable for a variety of projects.
Pop Energy – A poptastic synth driven track for projects where a high energy soundtrack is needed. From the very start this powerhouse song catches your attention with its infectious beat and driving synth pop melodies.

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We hope we can add to your project with some great music. If you like what we do and use our music then it would be great if you could credit us (wherever possible). Please link to the track in your project description and let us know you’ve used our music. We’d love to help you promote it by posting it on our social networking pages and posting an icon here on our profile page.

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If you use our music in one of your projects we’d love to help you promote it. Please just get in touch and we’ll be happy to share it on our social networking profiles and post it on this very profile page here at Audio Jungle. For exceptional content we’ll even feature it on our site!

We look forward to hearing from you.


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