Welcome to my Flashden profile. I’m offering a lot of different files at here at Flashden, most of them are small effects to help making the Flash developing easier. Everybody is occasionally challenged with “simple” stuff, but ends up spending hours to make it work. My files are all “simple” effects and functions which I have had to develop for projects, and now I have decided to share them – why not! Have fun…

PLEASE NOTE: Support, customizing and adjustments are not included when purchasing my files, helping everyone would be a fulltime job, sorry!

My best selling files are:

1. Pixelated image transition
This is a great and very original image transition. It’s 100% actionscript based and it’s easy to understand when you see the code.

2. Horizontal scrolling content
A very simple (but necessary) function to scroll content like text and images horizontally.

3. Textfield with advanced scrollbars functionality
A useful file that enables mouse wheel scrolling (cross platform) on textfields. Also includes normal scrolling with easing.

4. Xml Gallery
This is a complete template for a photo album/portfolio/gallery. It has some great features and a professional look – and of course it’s easy to use.

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