Authentic & Emotionally Driven Tracks, for High-End Products & Film

Hi folks! My name is Jack Vaughan, I’m a Film Composer, Conductor and Producer

What Matters in Media Music
I’m constantly intrigued by the split second decisions we make when hearing music and what makes up those moments that describe a thousand words. I’m committed and obsessed with finding the right depth, or indeed simplicity of the music that is required to illicit or suggest the most subtle or empowering feelings.

The Edge Needed
With any musical ‘product’, too many people focus only on content & too few know the power in presentation. In music, presentation is production, and in any project I do I spend almost half my time on pursuing supremely high audio quality.

Because bound up in those split second decisions people make, is the calibre of sound the listener hears. Low-end, or even ‘passable’ sound can colour a projects identity, effecting the unconscious judgements of customers/viewers.

Great music wrapped in professional production and sound design illicits the positive gut feelings you want to communicate to your audience. Whatever message you’re trying to communicate, it needs to communicate competence.

A Human Touch
Although I pursue high-quality – I love rough edges sometimes, and know that when a project needs more intimacy or warmth, to draw upon the folk/indie vibes of the music I’ve grown up with.

Whatever it takes to find the identity, the core of a project or film – thats what matters.

I appreciate the time you’ve taken to read this, and perhaps listen to some of my tracks too.