Premium Template Slider Packs for Slider Revolution 6

Hi, my name is Azamat. In the freelance market, I formed a small unit called “jobvel”.

About Slider Revolution 6

I strongly believe in the powerful plugin Slider Revolution 6. And I think the themepunch team is going in the right direction. I’ve been doing great slides for him since about 2015. During that time, I have accumulated a wealth of experience that I would like to share with anyone who would like to have my wealth experience.

Here are my plans:

  1. I planed 4 packs, each of them will have approximately 150 sliders. In total, about 800 sliders.
  2. At some stage, I would like to organize a plug-in for the same exclusive authors (slider developers) envato as me. Example: Motionbro for Adobe After Effects.
  3. At some stage, I will start looking for talented developers for a more rapid implementation of the above steps.

REVO – Handcrafted Interactive Template Slider Packs

  • Summer Pack (in progress)
  • Autumn Pack (in plan)
  • Winter Pack (in plan)
  • Spring Pack (in plan)

What is now

At the moment (June 2020) there is only one person in the team – this is me. But if my sliders get attention, then I will actively look for talented “slider makers” in my team.

Keep for updates


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