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Kristopher Fisher

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About Me\\
Hi there, thanks for dropping by my profile page! My name is Kristopher Fisher and I am a composer / producer / engineer living in Glasgow, Scotland. I love writing music and creating dramatic / intense scores.

Each track that I have uploaded to AudioJungle is of the highest quality and has been professionally produced and mixed to industry standards.

I have been writing music since my earliest memory and do so both professionally and as a hobby. I specialise in writing content for the screen and you will quickly hear that my work has cue points which will help you fit my music to your projects with ease.

So with introductions over – Go and listen!

Music Collections\\
Epic Trailer Soundtracks by Kristopher Fisher Epic Cinematic Soundtracks by Kristopher Fisher Emotional Soundtracks by Kristopher Fisher Logo Stingers by Kristopher Fisher

A Note to VideoHive Authors\\
You are welcome to use any of my preview tracks in your video items. Please do not forget to link the music in your description back to my page. If you use my work, let me know and I will add you to the ‘Music Featured in VideoHive Items’ list below with a link to your item.

 Featured VideoHive Authors\\
Get in touch if you are a VideoHive author and need music for your projects.

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