About Foundry512

Foundry512 is a digital marketing firm dedicated to client results and to providing end users the best media experience possible. We connect our clients with their target audience in a manner that facilitates healthy and transparent relationships. It is those relationships that allow our clients to grow.

Working with Us

We are hands on.

We are not just vendors to our clients, we are integrated team members. You will routinely see our team members on-site with our clients. By going into the “trenches” with our clients we are able to understand their perspective much better. It also gives us all an opportunity to work side by side for a common goal; client success. Because of this model we are able to grow with our clients.

We create value.

Marketing and visibility on digital media platforms is becoming ultra competitive. Only unique content and meaningful contribution deliver results. We brand our clients with amazing content as experts in their industries. Experts adding great content directly correlates to improved branding, visibility, and revenue.

Why Foundry512?

Why Work with Us

  • We get results: Last year our team members generated over $100 million in revenue for our clients.
  • We are dedicated: We go to our clients office to train, educate, strategize, and visit.
  • Effortless: Our clients should be working on growing their organization, we handle everything else for them.
  • Objective Data: We only use objective data and research to determine strategy.
  • Responsive: We respond immediately to all of our clients.
  • Unique Approach: Outside of the box is where we live. We create custom systems and strategies to grow organizations.

Our Team

The Dream Team

Our team members are dedicated and talented marketers, musicians, artists, designers, writers, coders & programmers, videographers, and photographers from all over the world. By having team members that sit on both sides of the supply chain (content owners and consumers) we are able to understand both our clients and their customers better.


From 2010 to 2014 & Beyond

Foundry512 was founded by a core team of creative professional in late 2010 in Houston, TX. The original team consisted of professional designers, photographers, videographers, front-end/back-end developers, writers, editors, and musicians in the greater Houston area who collectively decided to switch marketing and design to an educational and less commercially blatant format.

In 2011 the team Foundry512 team became a creative agency with the goal to create intrinsically valued brands that add to the wealth of information in the digital media age.

In 2012 Foundry512 branched to Austin, TX, serving as enterprise level technology and marketing integration experts for partner agencies. This network and partnership led to several key client contracts. In 2013 Foundry512 saw a 200% growth increase due to client acquisition.

Today, Foundry512 plans continued growth and development in the San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas, TX markets.