My name is Mauricio Pradillo, I am a producer, composer and audio engineer. I enjoy creating stuff, I have a very powerful imagination, but music is my greatest passion, composing original songs is what I love to do and it is also my job.

Music changes the course of life, as it does in any project that goes along with a soundtrack. It gives a whole different experience since music can easily transform emotions and play around with them. Getting the right music is the essential factor that places a project above average, the one that completes objectives and delivers the right message by inspiring the viewers / listeners.

My goal is to accomplish that.

Since I was a little kid I’ve been overwhelmed by music. I studied my career at a great classical music school in Mexico, specializing in piano and guitar, then I went for composition and finally professional audio. I hope you like my music and find it useful or/and inspiring

Thanks for stepping by.


The power of UNITY…

Sabor latino!

A nice, happy and elegant piano valse.

Get ready to get funky!

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