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My name is Nathaniel Blackburn, i am a professional designer and developer from the United Kingdom. I was born 18/09/1991 at Burnley, United Kingdom and grew up in Nelson, United Kingdom. From a young age i have been fascinated with technology and music and have long been dedicated to helping others to make their life’s that little bit easier in any way that i can.


Often my work is stripped right back to the basics as i have one rule that can be found throughout my entire portfolio and that is “less…is more”. I also have a sharp eye for detail as well as quality and like to experiment with color and contrasting light and dark. My code on the other hand is kept clean and to the point. I often like to find new and interesting ways of performing a given task and i hope that that reflects in my work.


Feedback is held close to my heart, good or bad it helps me to become a better designer and developer and without it, i wouldn’t be where i am today. It often brings a smile to my face knowing that i have made someone else happy or have helped to make their life/job that little bit simpler because that’s my goal in life, even if it is just one person.


If you have any problems at all or simply want someone to talk to then i am here to help. Please feel free to contact me though any of the social networks that i am on or simply use the contact form below and i will be in touch.


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