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Last Updates

Update 13.04.2010 Advanced XML Gallery with multi Transitions
  • Transitions are optimised.
  • Autohide mode for panels and buttons.
  • Indents of text from edges of hints are added.
  • The effect of active thumbnails is changed.
  • Buttons are changed.
  • Appearance of panels is changed
  • Some errors are fixed.

Update 31.01.10 Classic Flip Book

  • Loading of pages is optimised.
  • The mechanics of movement of pages is improved.
  • The error of flipping of pages when the content sizes were more than page sizes is corrected.
  • There was a possibility to change speed of flipping pages.
  • There was a possibility to add a separating gradient between pages.
  • Two modes of flipping of pages: page flipping always at release of the mouse and page flipping at mouse release only on other half of book.
  • As a background of buttons the image can be used.
  • There was a possibility to highlight the links.
  • Preview contain tree examples of book.

Update 10.01.10 Flip Book Slideshow:

  • Loading of pages is optimised.
  • It is optimised control of slideshow.
  • Fix bug of loading when When images were absent on page.
  • Fix bug when pages are not flip completely.
  • Fix some small bugs.

Update 10.11.2009 XML Gallery:

  • Fix bug with blinking of preloader of main image.
  • Change movement of thumbnails.
  • Fix bug of transparency of transition.
  • Fix some small bugs.

Update 05.11.2009 Banner Rotator with multi Transitions:
  • Add Timer Clock
    Through XML file you may:
    • switch on or switch off Timer Clock;
    • set position of Timer Clock;
    • set background color and main color;
    • switch on or switch off display of the remained seconds;
    • set transparency of Timer Clock;

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