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Loving Creative Works and Creative People

Hello, I am a Game Designer and Developer. I love to work in Amazing Unity 3D Game Engine. I feel good at Developing ideas, Creating and Collecting assets for games and finally merging them together in Unity 3D Game Engine to make games for Desktop,Web and Mobile(Android).

I have all the knowledge about how to develop game from scratch. I have the knowledge of following:

  • Android,PC,Web Game Development
  • Code Development for Games
  • Assets creation for games
  • Animation for games
  • Integrating all assets into Unity 3D Game Engine
  • Powerful Mecanim system in Unity 4 for advanced biped character control
  • 3D Modelling using 3ds max
  • Texturing using Photoshop and Mudbox
  • Sculpting using Mudobx
  • Environment creation for Games

You can Contact me at

Let me tell you a secret. Actually i am a SUPER HERO. Can’t believe??? Look at Me in Action – :)