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How to Attract, Retain and Engage New Customers through Online Video on your Google Places Page

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What can online video do for you?

•Build a more dynamic online presence.
•Create more opportunities to show case your Products and Services.
•Extend your audience reach to local clients/customers.

Why your Business/Service should be using online video:

•There are over 51 million internet users in the UK
•On average 30.1 million users access the internet everyday
•Over 17 million UK internet users watched online video in one form or another during 2012 compared to just 6.4 million in 2009
•Videos viewed online in the UK in April 2012 grew 47%
•1.7 billion Videos viewed in 2012 in the UK!
•Opportunity for your Business/Service?

The popularity of online video amongst internet users translates into:

•Better opportunities to expose your Business, Products, Services to a local audience
•Deliver your message to thousands of households and businesses every day. TV for the masses!
•More exposure through different media channels

Why is the commercial sector using video?

•Online video is very cost effective, unlike television commercials
•Engages the audience quickly – faster than reading
•Can explain complex messages, simply!
•Familiar format
•Builds rapport with potential customers
•Cost effective to update
•Delivers huge return on investment if used correctly
•Online video is a fast communicator

The quicker you can turn speculative interest into action the better it is for your business or service, and for the following reasons:

•Local Market saturation point is reached faster
•You may miss the boat
•One step ahead of the competition
•Faster customer awareness
•These points are particularly relevant in times of economic slow downturn.

Why should your business or service leverage online video?

•Entertain your audience
•Educating your audience
• Empowering your audience to make informed decisions
•Aid your audience

More facts!

•There are over 50 video sharing platforms on the internet
•YouTube alone has over 490 million unique visitors every month and is the second biggest search engine after Google
•YouTube ranks as the second largest social networking website after Facebook with over 15% of market share
•Beware – YouTube has its place but….


•BT Plans a 100 megabyte broadband roll out
•They have invested £3 billion in broadband
•Enabling video consumption across a broad range of platforms including:

Mobile – Web – TV – Smart phones – Tablets


With its local reach, online video is the marketing medium of today and tomorrow

•Benefits your business/service and its stakeholders
•Provides your business/service with a dynamic marketing tool
•Online video is very cost efficient
•The return on your investment is more substantial compared to other marketing

The only limitation is your imagination

A quality promotional video is cheaper and more cost effective in comparison to a weekly local press advertisement. We have a promotional video idea for your business, just give us a call and discuss your requirements. Tel: 0151 286 6803

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