Welcome To ParadigmaApps

Welcome To ParadigmaApps.

Our ultimate templates and starter kits developed with many of popular UI-UX and Front-End technologies. Such as HTML5, CSS3, JSON, LESS, SASS, VueJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap, Google Material Elements, Webpack, NodeJS, SemanticUI, Foundation etc.. And also The Brand New ParadigmaApps Components Framework !

From small businesses, to large enterprises, you can use our rock-solid templates for Web Applications, UI Dashboards, Mobile Optimised Apps, Corporate Solutions, Personal Web Projects, CMS, CRM, E-Commerce Solutions, SAAS Applications, Mobile Web Applications and more.. All of our templates have these following features;

  • ParadigmaApps | Utilities Structure (Predefined SASS supported CSS Helper Classes for easy, fast and programmatic UI development. Ready-To-Use Components such as, Grid, Cards, Animations, Bubbles, Tooltips, Notifications, Preloader etc..)
  • Cross-Browser Support (IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Yandex and Mobile Device Browsers)
  • CSS pre-processor support (With LESS or SASS variables support, easily change colors, font-sizes, width, height, background-colors, borders, margins, paddings, animation timings, and more metrics of templates)
  • Responsive Structure (Mobile Optimised Layouts). Write once and use everywhere !
  • Fully Customisable
  • Predefined, Dozens Of Ready-To-Use Layout Examples (Dashboard Samples, Layout Samples, Default Pages, Mobile Web App Starter Kits, Form Samples etc..)
  • Pixel-Perfected & Highly Detailed Designs
  • Hand-Crafted Font Icons Support (Flag Icons, Colored Icons, Animated Icons etc..)
  • Promotional Landing Pages
  • Light-Weight, Well-Organized Folder Structure & Super-Fast Pages.
  • CLI Supported Automated Workflows With GULP Tasks. Automate workflows with the single line of code. Install, compile, watch, merge, minify, re-arrange..
  • Layered & Well-Organized Photoshop (.PSD), Illustrator (.AI) and Affinity Designer Files

Design your code intelligently.