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“I’m not worried, I offer the one thing html5 doesn’t …
high impact blockbuster flash animations

... no alternative solutions available yet …”

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You DEFINATELY will want to check out the following components;

Best selling multiple times featured startrek like visual text animation.

Super advance 3D text and logo animation with extreme feat

Most complete Banner Rotator ever created. Presentor has been featured on many flash stock websites because of it’s incredible amount of options. Presentor can load SWF, Video, Images, CSS text and effects, MP3. You name it, Presentor does it!

Particle Path buttons

Very popular animated buttons using a particle engine following precreated motion paths to enhance your website’s visual

Flare Buttons

Flare button HOVER effect and button CLICK effect. Special blockbuster movie type visuals for button mouse “Over” (soft visual) and mouse “Click” (full impact visual)

Newsticker 3D

Newsticker with a 3D corner scroll effect and electronic display visual. Configure easily your news feed items in XML . Also has the option to load from external .RSS file

About support
For anyone purchasing any of the items; All items come “as-is”. For any item, check the ReadMe documentation link first to see the nessesary steps to work with and customize the item to your needs. That will show you what to expect and how a file will globally function. Any additional changes you require for an item are solely done on request and will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may require a freelance-job cost. Before purchase, make sure you’ve cleared any questions or doubts by sending me a p.m. or email.

Banner Templates Galleries MP3 Players
Presentor Rubber Template AS3 PICTURE PLATFORM AS2 XML MP3000 Minimal XML MP3000 Minimal
Button Components
Fireworks Button Smoke Button Magic Metal Button Bar 3D button Explosion Button
Rubber Menu AS2 Rubber Menu AS3 XML List Menu AS3 XML List Menu AS3 Button collection
Animated Objects Components
Fireworks Button GaDGeTS 6-10 animation objects GaDGeTS 11-15 animation objects GaDGeTS 16-20 animation objects Fireworks Component
Star Galaxy 3D Numbers 3D Multistar Particle Emitter Pixel Block Text AS3
Pixel Block Text AS2 Pixel Block Text Pro AS3 Pixel Block Text Pro AS2 Pixel Block Text Pro AS2 TRON GLOW TEXT AS3
3D numbers preloader with reflection Burning Fuse preloader with reflection Energy Bar with flares preloader Glowing bar + haze preloader Digital boxes preloader
Text Effect Components
PJ Buzz - text effect component PJ Eight Rotate - text effect component PJ Fiv Directions - text effect component PJ Two Parts - text effect component PJ Boink - text effect component
PJ Arrow - text effect component PJ Appear - text effect component PJ Bubbles - text effect component PJ Bump - text effect component PJ Cool 1 - text effect component
PJ Circle 1 - text effect component PJ DNA - text effect component PJ Double Effects - text effect component PJ Double 1 - text effect component PJ Double 2 - text effect component
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