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You’re a Youtuber, a professional videomaker, a journalist or just a music lover, well… you’re in the right place!
In this media jungle it becomes important to make the difference, in order to be seen, to choose the right way to add some value to your video, your message, your product. That’s what i’m offering you here with PchelMusic.
Originality, musicality, quality. All the things you need to bring your media business to the top!
Feel free to take a look at my PORTFOLIO and help yourself.
You can contact me as well at:
My website:

My music can be heard in various type of projects around the world: games, advertising, promo videos, websites, apps etc. Here are some of my clients:
BG production, G Meringov, V Golovkov, Artepi (Russian Federation)
Gedeon Films,Snippet Edits, Volpe - The National Transportation Systems Center, ROF Industries Inc, Truex, Odyssey Productions, Inc. , Daniocho, Shelly, Lifetime Media, A Hawkins, M Rizzo, D Beilinson, Focus Shift, Vantage Health Plan, С lou, S Skouras, B Niles, Tyler Independent School District , R Hunt, Blue Raven Ent, B Thurman, Targeted Content Marketing, Mercy For Animals West Hollywood, L Brennan, Jonathan Varner & Associates, First Person, PK Network, M Cooper, Demo60, D Lee  (United States)
Hollinger Creative LTD, B Kasbohm, Zest, Jacob Bailey Group, Flip The Switch (United Kingdom)
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Mangold & Mangold GmbH & Co. KG, Staud Studios 
Staud Studios GmbH, B Brüggemann, P Kievernagel Frechen NRW, RTV GmbH Böblingen, Kathrin Luty (Germany)
China Daily, Y Xinyu Beijing (China)
Yokohama, T Funami, Kawamoto, T Taniyama Minato-Ku, Daze Nouvel Co. LTD. (Japan)
KnapNokGames (Denmark)
GrandurFilmStudio, Brandzwo gmbh (Austria)
KPRODZ, M Sow (France)
Josep Rodriguez, Buzz marketing networks, SL. C/Enric (Spain)
O Yeung, P Jones, V Cinematic, L Finnie (Canada)
P Gandola (Italy)
A Sundbotten (Norway)
S Reid, Target McConnells (Ireland)
Productions associées Bruxelles, E Tanghe (Belgium)
MediaSoep, Martijn Cornelissen Illustraties (Netherlands)
Spotlight Media Productions AG (Switzerland)
Get Foxy Social Media, Town Square (Australia)
M Ishaq (Pakistan)
Deloitte General Services S.à r.l. (Luxembourg)
J Yu, D Bae (Korea)
Akcija Online (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Mojo (United Arab Emirates)
ng3461 (Turkey)
M Golovanov (Israel)
Accuracy São Paulo (Brazil)
Diud Studio SRL (Romania)
OÜ ZS.Motionline (Estonia)
Matusevich (Belarus)
Ruang Bicara Komunikasi Visual, (Indonesia)
Good Boy Film Production Ltd., K Chen (Taiwan)
Upversed Production Co (Hong Kong)
D Joseph (Lebanon)
R Alvarez (Puerto Rico)

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