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Sellbox – simple yet powerful service for selling digital content directly from your Dropbox or Google drive account.


Core features:

  • You name your price and earn it instantly on your PayPal account when somebody buys your file
  • Option for “pay as you want” (you set minimum price but buyer can pay more)
  • Thanks to Dropbox and Google Drive integration updates are breeze (just update the file in Dropbox folder)
  • Coupons for offering discounts
  • Transaction list

We already have bunch of people just like you earning money with Sellbox. You may see examples of successfully sold files:

game templates: http://sellboxhq.com/l/A6eR/Angry-Birds-Menu

games: http://sellboxhq.com/l/A6Yh/I-Get-This-Call-Every-Day

website themes: http://sellboxhq.com/l/ABdb/CreamTheme-for-Tumblr

applications: http://sellboxhq.com/l/A6kk/Analytics-for-Clicky

photos: http://sellboxhq.com/l/A66X/Karekare-IMG-8457

ebooks: http://sellboxhq.com/l/A6YQ/Illustrated-Guide-to-Front-End-Development-with-Examples

Now in very easy way can start building your personal brand and making money.

You can start in 30 seconds so go now and join