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Just another web design guy!

Hi, my name is Frank Pizzacalla – I work under the brand name of Pixel Light Media.

I’m a musician, graphic designer and website designer/developer. I enjoy all things related to technology, design and music. I help people harness technology to promote their services and products online.

I started designing and coding websites in the late ‘90s, before Photoshop was the standard, before CSS, before a lot of things… man things have changed!

I’m also a recording engineer, writer and performer with several years experiences in the production of live events, studio recordings and live to air productions.

Favorite Saying:

“carve your dreams in stone but draw your plans in sand”

Oh, and by the way, I LOVE THE ENVATO NETWORK and the whole Envato community, an absolutely invaluable resource for any freelancer slugging it out to earn a living.

Glad to be a part of it!

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