Brand & UI/UX Designer

Sayed Essam

Sayed Essam is 16 years old Designer based in 10th of Ramadan City, worked on himself in the design field since the age of 10, started working on multiple graphic work since 12. Ambition is what keeps him moving, struggling to achieve his dream. Working on himself in manipulation, motion graphics, web design, branding, marketing and social media. Creativity, Quality, Self Learning, Improvement and Hard-Working been his habits forever.


“A real Futuristic artist. I’m always amazed with his talent and great passion for design. He is heading in the right direction towards success.” - Anwar Mostafa.

“Sayed is a Creative Person and he will be a Great Designer in the Future because he has the tools and the talent.” - Ahmed Anwer.

“Creativity, Quality and Variety of options are what makes Sayed stand out among designers regardless his small age.” - Ahmed Shaher.

“One of the best young designers I’ve seen lately, He´s got great potential & I’m sure he’ll be something big in the near future.” - Hani Jamal.

“I always saw that young age is one of the biggest positives in a life of any creative, and it gives him the opportunity to think well and break all the boxes he can be put in. Wait for Sayed Essam.” - Amir Mohamed.

“Sayed is a really focused designer, who improves with each project he undertakes. He is not afraid to tackle different design genres and always seeks to push his limits as a designer.” - Kris Shields.

“Sayed is the most promising guy I ever met at his age. I can honestly say that Sayed’s designs reflect the new era of fresh cool modern designs. it’s not a compliment it is a fact.” - Ahmed Ezz El-Din.

“Ambitious Designer I Predict He will be One of the Best in The Coming Years Insha’Allah, Just He has to be on the Right Path, Wish him the Best Luck.” - Marwan Ramadan.

“A smart man with a screen makes every idea break the glass and stimulates you to be a part .. A part of great brand. Sayed.” - Ismail Abdalla.