...Contributor at Original Community Crowd-Sourced Dev/Design Project Collaborative @Code_Collective

I’m a Domain Entrepreneur, A Social Media Student/Fan, Blogger, Forum Admin/Elite Moderator & Moderator, Blog Guest Author & Head Project Manager/Co-Founder (Founded at Pre-ZURB Forrst.com) of The Community-Sourced Creative Dev Collaborative Project (No Cool Official Name Yet, Give us one, we are now a Non-Profit .ORG in 1 Country so Far, as our Members/Founders/Contributors/Helpers/Interns are from all cultures, religions, creeds and nations WORLD WIDE!

We have become some what of a ‘Collective’ or ‘Project’ and even a ‘MOVEMENT for CC Licensed/GPL usage more among newly developed Services… Use our Community-Based (GitHub etc) as a source before coding you’re own from scratch (A.K.A = Go Creative License Movement GCLM – Make us a Logo so we can throw out some stickers!, or help us come up with a name that was thrown together by 2 of us on the spot a while back and has stuck LOL).. Always Get me at our ALPHA Twitter Account LOL – Code_Collective

So I’m a Co-Founder which all started when the idea of KickStarter was taking hold and the Money it was raking in, and someone said “what about Crowd-Sourced, not Crowd-Funding, so the People are the Currency! And if you are a Member, you get a Share of whatever Projects we are working on and make it a non-profit to avoid legal shenanigans, and you get a Upfront + % or % depending how this plays out with interested like-minded thinkers.” then we got onto GitHub during this due to wanting to be a ‘Project or Organization’ for the Community, so Kick Starter + GitHub + Community Organization took root… We use as much CC/GPL Code/GFX as we can, when we can (of course only when it suits the purpose we are trying for) + we give back some of our PHP Back-End Frameworks for GitHub Community Dev or JS Frameworks, Functions etc etc for the same, and hopefully build up a following if we can release enough cool stuff on GutHub and Similar Sites for Community Development and CC Licensed Code Usage.

So far we have only 1 project up there, and it is a high Niche Project, actually a project with a GPL PHP/mySQL Back Bone which we built over with more functionality, added new code, as it was early 2000’s coded, tried to clean a few things, added jQuery, Javascript to the GUI and there is sits in ALPHA v1 Now up to ALPHA v3.1 almost ready for BETA, with no help from community, as we are still NEW-ish and we only have a Temporary (started as, until we got a cool name) TWITTER ACCOUNT, No Website Yet, Members Forums, iRC Channel, FaceBook Page and everything else on the list. Development has started and stopped to focus more on getting OUR PROJECTS OUT 1st, THEN PEOPLE WILL WANT TO SEE THE SITE & OTHER STUFF of the guys/Community Project that made these cool Niche Based (in the Popular term of the word) Web Apps and Web Services (Free & Premium) currently all in ALPHA and 2 will be in Official BETA Launch by end 2014. Though our NO DESIGN ALPHA still get over 100,000 visits and 1st & 2nd page on Google & Bing with NO SEO, Crap META Setup, we got 5-8 on average top keywords and phrases (ALL FROM WORD OF MOUTH), our most proudest moments. Things changed in our ‘Rank’ when thought we are groing better added a quickly Logo, and some flash and adsense to the page – we lost traction with Google after that, I guess they could see we wre a backbone ALPHA with no design or META, just keywords section, and dropped us for not using ALT tags and SEO stuff once we started, they expected us to finish a design/SEO, so we dropped off a fair bit, but we are still on Bing, Google and a couple of other [BOTS] drop in and out.

So is that a Profile, a little about me personally, and about my passion – my Community Project Co-Founded with some very early Invitees to the Forrst.com Community. Was going to name some names and finish that story, but got side tracked, and thought – leave that for the Official Website… So wanna Help us out, our Web Coders/Designers/UXers/GFXers are all over the world at University or Schooling at present, rather busy, as 95% of our Lead Developers are either 3rd/4th yr Uni Students, Exchange Program Students, or Students doing other full-time Courses with Private Institutions From Australia, UK, Canada, France, U.S.A, Germany, NZ, Iceland, Norway, Scotland & a few small .EU Countries, and India, Indonesia, and even a few Islands. We have lost most of our Full-timers (meaning x hours each day, not like 20hrs a day, 5 days a wk, Full-time means you are committed at least 3 days per week or 12hrs per week, part time is 5hrs per week (Contributors/Helpers/Interns) and Members & Co-Founders are basically the ‘Passion’ there is no time schedule LOL. Lead Developers, Head of Projects can be Full-time (Lead), and a Head of a Project must be a Member/Co-Founder (same thing/same ‘rank’), oh but as I was saying we now have lost 50% of our part timers and on/off again (Helpers) & like 80-90% of Full-Timers due to Studying is hardcore for alot of these guys at the moment, also some countries are in different sections of their semester’s than others etc, so makes it hard, we NEED MORE HANDS & MINDS COMMUNITY OUT THERE (From July 2014 – January 2015 at least).

Did I mention PXLDin gives away AWWESOME INCENTIVES, BONUSESm PRIZES for Originality, Creativity, Hard Work, Competitions for Fun (Thanks to our Sponsors/Review Blog Sponsors/Members/Admirers & a Few Start Up’s that have seen our originality in this ‘field’ and jumped on board with SCHWAG for the Guys (Yes like out Tweets say, WE WILL POSE anywhere you like with our T-Shirts on, Stickers are given to all we can send them to involved in the Project (CrowdTilt, IPv6, HTML5, StartUp Giraffe, and others, we have you’re stickers on PUBLIC NOTEBOOKS as promised (Free Advertising), and also Vehicles if the owner thinks it’s cool enough. I had a HTML5 Mini Sticker, though it was not ‘sticky’ enough for my windows coating system, and peeled away after a few days before I got a Photo.) Oh, yes I got onto that, to THANK ALL THESE AWESOME COMMUNITY PROJECT Devotees, that without Sponsors, Help and Donations, we could not even afford the Special Development VPS we just got, and our other hosting account for Working Projects, plus BONUSES and everything else we do, COMPETITIONS for FUN, and to keep things interesting who is the Best Coder, illustrator, Logo Designer, Font’er (was last one we did and winner got a PS3 Bluetooth (Sony Brand) Head Set, sleek, non bulky new Model Shipped across oceans for free & HE NEVER GOT IT OFF the Sketch to a Font (yet), as we say, our guys/gals EDUCATION COMES FIRST.

AND WE EVEN HAD ANOTHER ‘FIRM’ Emulate Us, Going About the same/similar Business Model, but not about the Community, no Organization, just for Profit, and got all inside knowledge of how we work from an ex-Member (almost Co-Founder, he was working as a Freelancer with a couple of us when we thought this out, without him present, for no specific reason), and they poached him and said he could no longer ‘help’ us for money or free as a ‘clause’ and ‘cos they operate as a Freelance Firm also (so do we to make ends meet), but they have full time top existing Firm that Morphed into this Business Model of % & Shares (Little guy always get’s sold out. Totally different scene, but he took ALPT of our Clients we NEEDED, they didn;t)


WOW, NOW THATS A PROFILE / RANT / STORIES / Story crosses to another story… I have a back injury, so I’m not editing this right now. Dicata-fone App is going to come out for stuff like this again (Reminds White Board).

BYE ALL & HEY CHECK US OUT, Get Involved in something we have, especially if you are a SICK SOCIAL MEDIA Page Layout Designer/GFX Designer and Good at Naming Things, Domains for them, or basically anything mentioned ABOVE ^ WE… NEED….YOU & WE HAVE TUBS FULL OF BELKIN, GRIFFIN, TurtleBeach, Boxes of Norton, Kasperky, Trend Micro Mobile, Trend Titanium 3PC/24mth, N360 + Mobile Version Boxed, PC Game Contollers by LOGITECH (and others), AND AWESOME SOFTWARE LICENSES AND BOXED (Legitimate, pre-reviewed or not reviewed at all LOL) – We take Photo’s of everything we Give to our Guys/Gals/Helpers/Interns with a Biz Card or Something, anything infront to show the doubters PROOF.

....So if not for YOU =/- Not for you’re PORTFOLIO & CV (Non-Profit Creative Community Org.) =/- Not for working and Networking with Like-Minded others & all those perks +/-/= DO IT FOR THE BONUSES, PRIZES, COMPS, PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPS & Eventually a % of the ‘Service’ you helped build (if you last that long, we have alot of drop-outs, like school I guess. It’s not face to face (YET), but we’ll be having MeetUps as we Grow, and International ones once our shit starts getting the Org and ALL OF US PAID & Giving our % as Promised for the .ORG Status to our Community-Project of Choice :-p

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