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0h Creative Portfolio Ultimate creative portfolio v2 Ultimate MP3 Player Ultimate creative portfolio v1 3D Like Engine + XML Dynamic Gallery 3D Like Engine + XML Dynamic News 3D Like Engine 3D Skinned FLV Player + Fullscreen Background PHP Dynamic MP3 Player PHP Dynamic MP3 Player Images and SWFs Preloader 3 in 1 Mouse Tracer 2 in 1 Mouse Tracer Car Lights Effect Mouse Tracer Galactic Style Light Effect XML Dynamic following menu

Buyers testimonials
About Portfolio V2 (released March 10th):
- “Great file, one of the best I have seen. Already bought the V1, it is even better, I will also buy. Congratulations for your work.” Alfbel
- “it’s a honor for me, to comment here first… i like it so much and i buy it early, it’s just very awesome like your other files.” Dada AKA iDraw
- “Impressive. I don’t know what to say. Its like I won an emmy just for looking at it… Or something. I’m speechless.” URanimEnigma
- “Ridiculously awesome file WildWise!!” Micheal Hejja
- “It is amazing. Precious work wildwise. Your product description is perfect. Thank you. I wish you a lot of sales too. Five Stars.” minihase
- “Wow outstanding. I also liked V1 but this leaves me speechless. Nice work.” Phyliphil
- “kick ass description, kick ass file. always a pleasure to see this kind of files.” wickedpixel

About Portfolio V1 (released December 11th):
- “Wild this is really awesome! Seriously you just keep hitting us with great files, I’m really impressed!” xdoze
- “Excellent work ! easy to customize even for a flash rookie.” thesitebuilder
- “In one word… ... ... Fantastic.” Creative Media
- “Great Template wildwise. Keep up the fantastic work.” hideout
- “I just bought it and I rated it!! Just fantastic!” zekarlito
- “I bought it! It’s Fantastic! My rate = 5 Stars! Great! Keep up the good work & support!” Creative Media
- “Another great file from Wildwise! Just bought this one too!” Flbeachdweller

About Subway Gallery (Released November 9th):
- “Some of your best work yet.” Flash_Cart
- “that’s the best flashfile / website / template I’ve ever seen on the web.” iDraw
- “the design is fire!” rajoon
- “Dude your sick! How are you getting that 3D effect on the interior of the train??? Killer work.” mhaney
- “Sick! Although last time I was in NYC the trains weren’t as shiny!” ejoffe
- “This is an excellent file! Its inspiring that some designers out there are so willing to share their work.” technophist

I’m a Freelance Art Director/webdesigner based in Paris, France. I use photoshop, illustrator, flash, lightwave 3D and I know AS, XML , PHP/MySQL…

See my portfolio over there : wildwise studio

I’m not here to get rich or to copy others’ files. I’m on Flashden to give people who can’t and want to learn how to make simple (or less simple) things, what they could need.

P.S. : A question often comes to my e-mail inbox, so I’ll quote Triworks to answer to it :
Do I give support to Flash Den buyers?
I am available for support when a bug is reported. When this happens usually I send a fixed version to my buyers and the file is updated with the Flash Den Team.
If you need to adapt any application to your needs, you need to have knowledge in Flash and Action Script coding. I am only available to adapt an application to your needs based on its hourly rates. As described in my profile I am available for freelance work.