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Compress and minify your code without loosing indentation, commenting and server memory!

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Introducing WordCompress. A highly invested project that has been tested on some of the most traffic intensive sites on earth – This plugin compresses the html page and javascript files and CSS code that is deployed by the user.
  • All files loaded by the theme or other plugins automatically.
  • Download time reduces about 45% and file size reduces more than 80%
  • Extra spaces, lines, and comments will be deleted.
  • Works in all web servers
  • Works with existing plugins
  • Works with Wordpress MU
  • Works with IIS (does not require ISAPI)

* Features *

  • Auto-compression for the blog header.
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript optimization and compression.
  • Compression with ob_gzhandler is enabled.
  • You can turn on/off HTML or CSS or JavaScript or all compressions in the admin page.

..all this WHILST still keeping your Template code in your Wordpress files intact. So while your server and your developers see code poetry with indentation. The browser and user end will receive a “deploy” version of your source code which improves:

  • Page speed loading times by 100%
  • Bandwidth memory by 80%
  • Search engine rankings

Aside from Wordpress the plugin works on all other software scripting servers and can be customised by our team to work on your normal applications. Contact us through Envato for more information.