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We are ordinary people with awesome ideas and talent in the WordPress Demo Builder team. No braggin’, seriously. Because we have a story to prove that.

Our story

We are one of those WordPress lovers, like you, working for years with WordPress. As much as we love it, we find it hard to deny the biggest dilemma in WordPress market:

The WordPress market is over-flooded with so many eye-pleasing but who-know-how-it-will-work themes. It turns out that the WordPress demo is the biggest deception to theme and plugin buyer.

Real WordPress lovers are always on the hunt for better way to make their WordPress products – it could be a WordPress theme or a plugin – shine through the crowd. And the only way to prove a theme or a plugin work well like it is said, is to let people try it before buying.

So, we were like “C’mon, there must be a solution to change the way things are now”. That’s why we came up with WP Demo Builder – the second to none, most powerful and simplest way to let your potential customers truly experience your WordPress products.

Watch this video about how WP Demo Builder helps you stop breaking your customer’s heart:

Watch our video

WP Demo Builder helps users on your demo website create personal testing environment which is a totally new WordPress website hosted on our server to test your product. They can do everything they want, experience your awesome theme or plugin in and out without being affected by other user’s changes or affecting your original demo website.

Curious enough? There are more things WP Demo Builder can do!

Visit our WP Demo Builder

We’re the mind behind WP Demo Builder so if you need anything, just let us know:


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