YOMIRE builds beautiful, sophisticated files based on intelligent and efficient code.

Yomire builds useful components and templates exclusively on the envato network based on beautiful and functional designs, implemented with great care to optimise efficiency and usability.


XML Website

Our Aim

Be a good contributor on the envato network by:

  • Creating beautiful and useful files based on efficient code.
  • Timely response to user comments and questions.
  • Putting up all of our items’ documentations online as well as offline to allow buyers easy reference to them at all times. Potential customers will also no doubt find this feature useful as they will be able to familiarize themselves with an item’s customisation potential prior to committing to buy.
  • Actively update the FAQ section for all our items based on real user comments and questions, whenever appropriate.

Design Style

  • clean & sophisticated.
  • neutral – We want users to be able to incorporate our components into their exisiting websites or suit their company with very minimal customisation possible.

Coding and Development

  • asset-free – When we create flash components for activeden, we always try not to use assets whenever possible. For buyers, this means more flexible customisation from XML, light resulting SWF file and easier further customisation through the use of actionscript, if required.
  • OOP (Object Oriented Programming) using classes which means highly organised source codes and easy updating.
  • efficient and re-usable classes; in most cases buyers can take our custom utility classes, like scrollers, simple shapes drawing, etc, from our templates and incorporate them into their own projects.

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