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cool theme 907, awesome :D

Thanks JOGJAfile

Menu links are not working in any version?

No matter what I do, none of the demo menu links are working…?

Yeah I cannot get the menu to work either using Chrome no frame

Ahhhh HA, I tried firefox (I was in Chrome too) and it works fine there!

Yeah I tested chrome local and all was fine, see that online is not.. working on fix..

I bet you’re not test it on chrome yet? Same here, in chrome menu not working at all!

Yeah I tested chrome local and all was fine, see that online is not.. working on fix..

Sorry guys, Got the issue resolved. Should be fine now..


I was actually looking for something like this. Its similar to the spotify website. love it. Now I have to find a project I can use this theme for. :))

Thanks BeverlyCrest, Glad you like it, feel free to share your end result if you end up using it on a project..


damn this is sweet… working fine on mac chrome here.

my one issue is i am an affil. marketer (but also artist and designer – which results in way too much time making sites pretty just cause i like too , not always best for affil marketing though!)... but i had tried out goodlayers page one theme which – i dont know enough how the parallax coding works, but i have seen in limited tests less than ideal SEO for this kind of setup … i dont know if it is an issue with each part of the main page being dupe content when they are presented together and also have own versions (i can in this case just do noindex on the lone pages)...

for a couple single product feature mini sites this would be perfect. but seo is a battleground now more than ever – its my specialty, and i have fought back overlord Google and am kicking their butt right now – though knock on wood.

i just cant have theme working against me for that – if you have any insight about this topic (how joined parallax ‘page/home’ is read by a spider etc – or anything else helpful about seo…) will likely buy the theme, too darn nice… good one

Thanks evaporizing,

I’m not sure how the spider/crawler reads the page when it’s long, I don’t see that it would be much different than how they normally crawl pages.

I did make the blog section with the crawling in mind, so that when they crawl the page, they can follow the links within that section to the post pages, author, categories, etc.

With SEO it seems that we all try to figure them out. But then you get close to thinking you know a little bit about how it works, they change it again. Darn them.

Hope that helps/answers your question. :)


Please see this : http://prntscr.com/tl0xf

The header slider pic comes under the menu what is visually not good. Is there a specific size we have to put in header slider pics? Wouldn’t it be great it resizes/stretch pics automatically?

Anyway, nice work ! ;-) I hope most codecanyon plugs will be compatible with. I already tried the the responsive flip book and it’s not.

After having tried it on a page, and saw it was fu..ed, I erased the page section, created a new one with a background + text but nothing has shown in front, weird. I’m testing your theme locally with INSTANTWP



Thanks sailor1978,

That slider picture does that when you are logged into Wordpress because the admin bar is at the top when you view the page.

If you want to hide admin bar when viewing the site.

Go to your Wordpress editor (Appearance > Editor), select the theme functions file and add.


Save it, done. :)

I’ll look into the flip book issue, not sure why it wouldn’t work/be compatible.


same for ether content builder. In fact Ether is more important to me than the flip book :-)

Yo, I’ve translated your whle theme in French, here are the PO and MO files, hope you’ll enjoy ;-)




Thanks that was really nice of you.

WHen I create a page, it appears in appearence/menu as well, but when I erase it, it still appears in…Also, I’ve diasbled all my plugs and it seems that since the last plug crash, I can’t add content anymore or if the pages come to work, it doesn’t slide as shown in the live exemple, it only shows fullscreen pages with no content in. ANy page section I now add won’t show in appearence/menu

You just need to create the link in the “Custom Links” on the Menu page, and click the “Add to Menu” button and hit save.

That is all in the Documentation file with images showing the step. :)

Hope that helps

would bea easier to see the sections on the left of the menu maker just as we see wordpress pages or categories, this would avoir opening section, copying the url, pasting it in the menu url thing and so on.

I didn’t add it to the menu page cause the urls would be wrong if users clicked “add to menu” from that box..

When making the page sections, you can make the title whatever you want since it’s not displayed on site. When I did the previews, I just did about, contact, portfolio, gallery, works and kept the names short and easy to remember..

I’ll see if I can get another way to work in one of the updates :)

Great theme, how come you have not implemented YouTube/Vimeo/500px icons? I do not understand how come I have DevianArt or Dribbble but not YouTube or Vimeo… Thanks!

Thanks castresana,

If you’re referring to the social links, I can get more added in updates when they’re requested.


nice but no portfolio pages to talk about projects? Plus a bit more expensive than most one page themes.

Thanks wesleysoccer,

I was thinking of adding that feature in a future update.

Themeforest is the one that does the pricing, I don’t get any say so what the price is.

It doesn’t have to be one page with the way it’s set up, you could have multiple pages with parallax for each page.

Thanks again :)

Beautiful work my friend!! ;)

Thanks juanmita :)

Hi, great theme. I assume its possible to change the background patterns on each page? Would it also work with dark patterns, i.e. are there any colors that can’t be changed that won’t look right on a dark background? Thanks

Thanks stan68,

You can change all colors for each page section(titles, body, links, bg color, etc..) with simple color pickers, and the option to upload BG image for each.. :)

Nice theme! How can I embed some Youtube or Issuue file on my recent works? Thanks for any help.

Great!!! Thanks man! I have to replace all my files with the new update or just a few ones?

It’s in the changelog.txt which files were changed,

Here it is

- Files Changed
-- style.css (for version number 1.1)
-- assets/php/recent-works.php
-- assets/php/meta-boxes.php
-- languages/default.po
-- languages/default.mo

The language files only if you translated it to different language..


Great! Thanks for all your help.

Great theme, I just picked it up. Any easy way to add clickable images and/or links to the main header image area? I’m using this for showing off our games, would be great to have clickable app store links right off the header.

Thanks modmax,

You can send me an email from Here With more details, like what header you’re using, URL if it’s live, etc.. And see what I can come up with for you..

Thanks again :)

Hi want to buy this ASAP but 2 questions.

1) Portflio, we need to have these click through to pages that allow a slideshow + text about the project (as mentioned above by another poster).

Os this achievable within the current framework, or does it take a big theme redesign?

2) On your sample the backgrounds behind content are fixed, is it possible to have a parallax effect instead?

Looks like a great theme.

Thanks jpink,

1) This feature is not on here, I could work it in without have to rewrite.

2) I wanted to keep page sections and parallax section separate so they both could be reused through out site on post,pages,etc.

Hope that sums up..

Thanks again :)

can your portfolio /gallery support content with text etc? or only photos?

Well the portfolio has slide show & video inside prettyphoto at this time..

You can put anything in the portfolio page section that the portfolio is shown in.

Not sure if that’s what you’re asking.